Monday, August 28, 2006

The weekend in photos...

I haven't had time to write a proper blog entry this weekend, despite all the fun I could blog about. We had a prayer and fast meeting here with people from Belfast and Dublin. I cooked and fed them all afterwards and a great time of chat and fun was had by all. Grandad took Sam fishing on Friday and then came back for dinner. Nanny came round for a roast dinner last night, stayed late and gave Steve a free cognitive therapy session (which I must say I rather enjoyed!) Today I cleaned out the study room and got rid of all the junk and grime that we have accumulated over the last year. And now I am about to plan some routine for myself, and work for Jude for the coming weeks. Sam goes to high school on Friday, and on the following Monday Jude will be starting back at her home education routine. So I'm trying to get that planned out a bit. Anyway, here is our weekend in pictures...

First of all, the weekend of fashion statements from little Lukey...
outfit number 1.
This is Judes white shorts and vest set, which says Babe on the front. Twinned with a gorgeous pink 'fairy princess' hat (judes - from Australia), and some red and blue bob the builder pyjamas. Stunning.

Outfit number 2.
The Babe t-shirt was worn all weekend, just about. Here is is nicely twinned with the pink egyptian hat and a pink puppy vanity case. (Note also the hairbands around the arms - nice touch).

Outfit number 3.
Once again, the white shorts and vest set, and pjs, has been accessorised with the red archery hat, and finished of nicely with a miners head torch! (Not everyone can get away with this look).

Outfit number 4.
Almost the same as number three, but with a subtle swap of the head torch for the pink puppy vanity case. Also, note the pink pig necklace that is a nice added touch.

Outfit number 5.
This is a new look for Luke. Last night his Nanny gave his Mummy a bag of clothes that she didn't want any more. Well, this was like a bounty from heaven for wee Luke. Here he is modeling Nanny's old silky shirt, a yellow alice band, hair bands as bracelets, and my favourite khaki green top (which he is wearing as a dress, under the shirt).

At his point, I should mention that Jude's room is very easily accessible to Luke, whereas Sams isn't, which is why a lot of the stuff he dresses up in is pink. Ahem, just in case you were wondering.
This entry isn't finished yet. I DID finish it with a heap more photos, when blogger decided to shut down and I lost all my work. Now Im too fed up to complete it today. So I'll be back to finish it tomorrow.

Ok, it's the next day now, so let's see if I can re-post what I lost. Here are the rest of the photos...

My Mum brought me round some flowers from her garden. They are gorgeous, despite my terrible flower arranging skills. I put them in the hallway, under my shelves of little ladies.

Luke's sunflowers are nearly all in bloom now. It's a shame that it doesn't stop raining long enough for us to enjoy them. But they look lovely from the road, as you can see in this photo.

Daddy spent some time with Jude in her room and they looked so cute that I had to take a photo. He was helping her to make her little sand people kit, that has been in her room for ages. They had great fun together. I love seeing the kids playing with their Dad. It's so precious.

Here is the end result. Two little sand bottle men.

Luke had a creative moment this weekend too. We have some special pens for drawing on windows. Luke's Aunty Jenny drew Luke's portrait on the window by the front door. The next day Luke turned it into a masterpiece, with the addition of some playdough. He was so proud of himself and wanted me to take a photo for the blog. Bless him.

Now for the last photo. After the fast meeting on Saturday the hangers on were treated to a play from the kids. Anyone who knows us, knows this is not at all unusual. Our kids often 'delight' visitors with plays - to date we have been treated to the Phantom of the Opera, Jungle Book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and many others. This time it was the Three Little Pigs (Luke's current favourite story). Their cousins were involved too. It was very good. They all made pig and wolf masks and made houses from banana boxes, from the garden.

So that was our weekend in photos. It was a busy, fun filled weekend but I just didn't have the time to post about it in details, so this will do. Don't forget to click on the photos to see full size versions.


Lin said...

Great photos as always :-)

So do you think that Luke will be a male model when he grows up?

I've just noticed that your older kids both have blogs, will let the boys know later as they're always having a moan that there are no kid bloggers here - Oh and Sam looks so handsome in his new clothes ;-)

Hazel said...

Yes Jude has a blog too, but I didnt have the link on my site. Now I've added it to my blog links.

Marian said...

Luke's outfits are fetching to say the least, outdone only by his Mum's exceptionally informed and very professional narative of the fashion event. You are wasted Hazel. You should be on the stage too!

steve said...

my sand bottle was the best don`t you think?

Jude said...

what? yours? as if daddy!