Friday, August 18, 2006

Inkblot test

Today I discovered the Tickle Ink blot test. Now, most of the tests on the tickle site are your usual run of the mill test, but this ink blot test is actually very good. Here's its description...

Welcome to Tickle's Original Inkblot Test, the most thorough and scientific inkblot test available on the Web. Traditionally a closely guarded test administered only by trained psychologists and based on the original Rorschach test, this is the first and only inkblot test of its kind.Tickle's Inkblot test is free, it's private, and it's developed by PhDs.

In the course of this test, you will be asked a number of questions about 11 different inkblots. To truly capture your unconscious thoughts, it's important that you take a good look at each inkblot before reading the questions about it. There are no right or wrong answers on this test, so always give the response that most closely matches your feelings or observations about each inkblot.

It takes about 15 minutes to do the test. You need to really do it well and give it time to get the best results. You can take the test yourself by clicking here. (Don't forget to share your results if they are good ones!) Here's what mine said about me...

You have a deep desire to use ideas to change the world around you. This drive influences you far more than you may realise on a conscious level. You love to brainstorm and imagine new possibilities. The world is a fuller, richer place because you can contribute new ideas to any experience. Your natural curiosity inspires those around you and encourages them to come up with ideas they wouldn't have discovered without your help. Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are...

I think it was pretty spot on in what it said. I do have a desire to change the world, my desires to adopt a poor child, or open an orphanage in a third world country are my own ways to change somebody's world. The same with writing to people on death row I guess. When I don't like my kids education I change their world by keeping them at home. I brainstorm and think about new possibilities a lot, which is why Im always doing some new project or other - home schooling, postcards from around the world collecting, writing prisoners, growing vegetables etc. My natural curiosity keeps me reading about new things, and I want to learn so much which I just don't have time for. I don't know if it inspires and encourages the people around me or not. People often tell me they'd like to do the same stuff that I do, but they never seem to actually do it. I guess the more Im learning about my psyche, the more I do like it and Im slowly realising I like myself.


Maddi said...

This is what mine says and I think it's very accurate too, sometimes to my detriment!

Your Unconscious Mind Is Most Driven by Kindness.

You have a deep desire to be kind and fair to others. You are preoccupied with finding kindness in the world around you, far more than you may realise on a conscious level. This makes you unusually empathetic and very sensitive to other people's feelings. Your kind nature makes you an optimist at heart and allows you to see the best in the people around you.

Because you're not judgmental, others seek you out when they need a friend. Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are...

Jenny said...

I am driven by kindness too! my IQ score was 131, My emotional IQ was 131. My Sin test reveal I sin less than most but if they have to be picky out of the 7 deadly sins my weakest point is Lust! I'm not proud and very forgiving! My personality is skydiver! I'm fearless and love taking risks! Handwriting analysis reveals I am expressive and creative! All true of course! Fascinating what you can learn about yourself!

Davy said...

I got 131 on the IQ test but now I have to lie down because my brain hurts. I'm willing to reveal my inkblot test result to anyone who comes up with a crisp ten pound note, so I think this means I'm a private person who isn't averse to making a few quid.

Hazel said...

ROFL. I got 131 too. We are all super brainy.

You are gifted with the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind. Insightful linguists can take complex concepts and articulate them to just about anyone. You have a gift with words and an insight into processes and the way people think.

These talents enable you to explain things clearly to people as you can conceptualise ideas internally and understand patterns on an abstract level.

IQ stands for intelligence quotient. Supposedly, it is a score that tells one how “bright” a person is compared to other people. The average IQ is by definition 100; scores above 100 indicate a higher than average IQ and scores below 100 indicate a lower that average IQ. Theoretically, scores can range any amount below or above 100, but in practice they do not meaningfully go much below 50 or above 150.

Half of the population have IQ’s of between 90 and 110, while 25% have higher IQ’s and 25% have lower IQ’s:

Descriptive Classifications of Intelligence Quotients

IQ Description % of Population
130+ Very superior 2.2%
120-129 Superior 6.7%
110-119 High average 16.1%
90-109 Average 50%
80-89 Low average 16.1%
70-79 Borderline 6.7%
Below 70 Extremely low 2.2%

Sheelagh said...

Here is mine...

Your Unconscious Mind Is Most Driven by Peace.

You have a deeply-rooted desire to make peace in the world. Whether through subtle interactions with loved ones, or through getting involved in social causes, it is important to you to be able to influence the world in a positive way. You have a deep respect for humankind.

You care about the future of the world, even beyond your own involvement in it, and you inspire others to feel the same way. Your innate drive toward peace guides you in daily life towards decisions that are respectful toward yourself and others. Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are...

I guess this is pretty accurate too... I have always been the peacemaker in any house I have lived in.
Don't know about the IQ bit... I must have missed that.
Fun though... thanks Hazel!