Monday, August 21, 2006

Mushrooms, paper mache, garfield and keiser cheifs...

Today was a pretty good day, all in all. Sam is back home from his two weeks in England. It is so nice to get him home. Luke seems really pleased to have him back and the pair of them spent a lot of time playing together on the trampoline. Because there isn't much time left until Sam starts school, I feel we should make the most of the days that we have left. So today we decided to go to the cimena to see Garfield 2. It was ok. Sam and Jude enjoyed it, and Luke was happy enough because there was only one other family in the cinema, so he was able to walk up and down the ilses once he got bored of the film, without me having to worry that he was ruining the show for other people. He seemed happy enough.

Apart from the trip to the cinema it was a pretty normal day. We took another look in our mushroom box and couldn't believe how much the mushrooms had grown in just one night! Luke and Jude picked one each and we will eat them with dinner tomorrow.

This evening I sat at the kitchen table with Jude while she decorated a paper mache cat with tissue paper. I bought it for her many weeks ago, for something to do during the summer holidays. But it got shoved in a cupboard and forgotten about until I tidied her room. So she decorated it this evening and was pretty pleased with the results. She's going to post a picture of it on her blog later.

Whilst Jude was being crafty, Sam, Luke and I had a boogie in the kitchen. Steve made me a compilation tape (just like he used to years ago before we were married!) of various excellent songs. It' s such a great tape. I called Sam in for a dance during the Keisercheifs "I predit a riot". After a good dance Luke decided that the craft work looked like fun. So he glued some tissue paper onto some broken peices of polystyrene, and made a bird, a slide and a ladybug. Then he decorated an empty jelly babies packet with peices of blue tissue paper. Boy did he have fun! He was so proud of his creations. (I have a photo fo his creations but blogger has gone on strike again and wont let me upload those ones so I'll put them on tomorrow). Here are the other photos...

Here are the huge mushrooms that we picked to eat for dinner tomorrow.

Here is Jude making her paper mache cat.

Sam and Luke having a boogie whilst Jude works on her cat.

Sam, me and Luke predicting a riot!

Today was no exception on the fashion front for Luke. As per usual he lost the trousers and socks I'd dressed him in. He kept the rather dashing red, white and blue England supports jumper and complemented that with a red archery hat (Jude's), and a grunge denim belt (Sam's). This was accessorised with a pink striped Victoria's Secrets bag, containing many essential daily items, including a red knitted handbag, and a plastic jug, a plastic burger and a plastic apple. Once again he looks the business.


Deb said...

Glad Sam is home safe, and love the pics! :-)

D'you want to come over for a day before Sam goes back to the institution? ;-)

HARDWAX said...

Looks like you have great kids and Luke is the fashion slave, great pictures and narrative. Lots of fun!