Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not a happy day

I'm feeling quite sad today. Firstly Sam is going away for 2 weeks. My husband (who sometimes has his head in the clouds) gave me the impression Sam was going for 1 week when he organised it, but it's not, it's 13 days, which to me seems more like 2 weeks. Steve also neglected to tell Sam's grandparents in England that he was coming, and that they would be looking after him, so that was a nice surprise for them when they spoke on the phone Sunday night. I can't believe he forgot to tell them about it. Sometimes I wonder what planet he is living on. So today I'm packing up Sams bags for him. Me and Jude went out to Tesco's last night and bought him enough socks and pants to keep him clean for 2 weeks. We also bought some treats to hide in his bags - sweets and snacks, a book, his favourite football magazine, etc. I'm really going to miss him. Two weeks is such a long time. I keep hugging him and telling him how much I'm going to miss him and I feel very tearful. He leaves this evening.

Today Steve took the kids out for breakfast and while he was there he told them about his other grandparents getting divorced. We thought it was time we told them about it, seen as their cousins know, and we didn't want them trying to guess about it. They were both really upset. Sam more so. He said that everyone is getting divorced, and he has a good point. First one Aunty, then another, now his grandparents. That's 3 major families in their lives that are going through separations. Sam's face was horrified and they were both genuinely upset about it. The very sad thing is that now they are wondering if we will get divorced too. Everyone else is, so why shouldn't we? Sam voiced this to his Dad who tried to assure him that it wouldn't happen, but he wasn't at all convinced. I feel really sad about this too. Firstly, that my kids should be hurt by other peoples problems, and secondly that every time me and Steve have a disagreement or argument, we will be so cautious about worrying the children unnecessarily. So all in all I'm feeling damn low today and not at all good company.

On the plus side, my eco balls arrived today and I'm currently putting a wash through the machine with them. They cost me £26 and should last 1000 washes, so I'll report back as to how well they actually clean.


Sharon said...

Hazel, I'm sorry that you are feeling low today. I can understand though. I'm sure the idea of missing Sam for 2 weeks is such a big thing.
It's so sad that the children are worrying like this about divorces. It must be hard for them to make sense of it. I'm sure as they see you and Steve togther, they will understand that although we all have disagreements, we can deal with it and keep going. You 2 are so good together, the children will be able to recognise that.

educatingmummy said...

Sending lots of love and joy your way. :o)

Hazel said...

Thanks for your support guys. Thanks Sharon for your kind words. Im just packing Sams suitcase right now. We are going to hide treats in it for him. He is a little worried about being away for so long too. I'm sure they'll be ok once the initial shock of the news wears off.

~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Oh Hazel, i know just how you feel, my boys were supposed to spending a few days with their dad and all I wanted to do was cry and beg them not to go. (I didn't though!). Just a thought but do the grandparents have a PC and messenger?

I do hope you feel better soon. Feel free to pop over for a whinge any time you need to. x

Tammy said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling bad. I know I miss my kids if they go over night to their grandparents, let alone 2 weeks. I'm sure he'll have a good time though, and it will be good for him.

My parents will be getting a divorce soon, and I know it will be hard on the kids. It's already hard, as they argue a lot when we are around. It's too bad that everyone can't just work out problems and stay together. It's hard on me too. I get put in the middle all the time.

Chin up!! All will look better in the morning. Hang in there, we are all here for you!