Friday, August 18, 2006

Transport museum - Belfast

I decided to take Luke and Jude out yesterday. They had been so good while I was painting the kitchen and they were both missing Sam so I gave them a choice of places to visit. Jude said she would go wherever Luke chose. No surprises, Luke chose the transport museum in Belfast. His favourite place in the world. We invited Aunty Hannah, Uncle David and cousin B, who was staying with them. This was Luke's dream come true. He often talks about going to the train station (as he calls it) with friends. His dream is to show someone else around his favourite trains and displays. Well, he was just in his element! He was so excited to show people his favourite place. As usual, we found the steam engine that looks like the one on 'the polar express' and, as usual, we re-enacted the 'hot stuff' scene. (For anyone who hasn't watched it, the waitors bring hot chocolate onto the train for the traveling children to drink, with a song and a dance and a bit of magic). So, Hannah, David, myself, Jude and B all sat in the seats and sang "Hot stuff, ooh you got it, hot stuff, yeah we've got it..." whilst Luke prepared imaginary hot chocolate and danced up and down the ilses with it. Hannah couldn't contain her excitement and just had to have a go at it too. Days out with our family are just so much fun!

You can see more photos from our trip by clicking here.

Jude ended up going back to B's house for a sleep over, so Luke and I returned home alone. This morning I went into town and bought the last few remaining items for Sam's new school. I couldn't find a plain black ruck-sack anywhere though. Luke needed some new shoes. He hates getting new shoes fitted and usually cries. This time Daddy told him that if he was good he could collect a chocolate iced donut on his way back to the car. Needless to say, he was an angel, had his shoes fitted and paid for in minutes, and told everyone in the shop that Daddy had a donut for him, for being a good boy. After that we went to Lidl and Tescos for food shopping. I've just unpacked it all and now we are off to my Mum's house to collect Jude. She is taking part in a 2 day archery championship, starting tomorrow. She's been practicing for it for weeks.

Two more days till Sam comes home! I do miss him.


~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

How cool that you can sit in and pretend to ride along. WE have a smaller but similar place nearby but its all roped off and you're not even allowed to touch.

Safe journey home to Sam, bet you can't wait for him to get back. :-)

educatingmummy said...

Great pics, want to try and get some on mine soon.

Tammy said...

Looks like great fun!! You have such a great family!!