Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blitzed it.

Jude has been going to summer scheme this week but Sam decided to stay at home and "chill". And a good thing that was too. He spent the last two days playing with Luke. Luke is having a great time! And so am I. Because when Luke is entertained I get heaps more done. Having said that, it still hasn't stopped raining so gardening has been pretty much non existent. But I did manage, between downpours today, to plant out the baby lettuces into the main veg patch, and harvest some more potatoes for dinner, along with a pile of fruits. (Read about that here).

Yesterday I blitzed Sam's bedroom. To start with I asked him to tidy it and got very cross when he kept asking to leave it. I was astonished at the amount of mess hidden in his cupboard. I was being very tough with him and then I felt bad as a lot of the mess and broken toys were incurred when some children visited recently and had free run of his room. So I helped him out. In his wardrobe were hidden all the bits of lego that had gotten broken. Plus a glass chess set that had been discarded (his pride and joy - never did find one of the bits), and a pile of dirty clothes. Now his room looks like a palace (I wonder how long for?) He was very happy to get it all tidied and cleaned. Theres nothing nicer than going to bed in a newly cleaned room.

Here is a photo of Sam and Luke playing in Lukes bedroom this morning (NOT the tidy bedroom)

I'm a little worried about my penpal on death row. I haven't heard from him since that really nice letter I received a few weeks back. He usually writes once a week. I hope he is ok. Every day I'm looking in the post box to see if there's a letter from him. Hopefully tomorrow. Got to go now and put the kids to bed, and tidy all the mess that's been made in my half hour absence.

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~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

I really must get my lads room sorted out too, its such a mess! I opened their toy box yesterday to find a heap of clothes - what is it with boys? :-)

Hope you hear from your DRP soon.