Sunday, August 06, 2006

Uniforms and Caterpillars

Yesterday it stopped raining. Today it is pouring from the heaven's again. Steve was off work so I decided it would be a good day to go out and buy Sam's uniform - without having to take all 3 kids. So that's what we did. One blazer, 2 shirts, 1 tie, 1 pair of shorts, 1 sports top and 1 pair of hockey socks, came to £95. Plus one pair of shoes at £39. That's without the coat, trousers, 2 school bagslunchch bag, and all the art, english, maths and writing equipment that I have to purchase, as well the 'voluntary' school fees. My friend said it cost her almost £400 by the time she bought everything. Phew! He does look very smart in his new uniform, but Sam will be posting about that on his own blog, so I won't put the photo on here.

I spent the rest of the day out in the garden, while it was relatively dry. Steve mowed the lawns, whilst I annihilated the caterpillar community which had moved into the vegetable patch. Rather than use pesticides I hand picked all the tiny just hatched caterpillars, and all the unhatched eggs out from all the cabbage and broccoli plants. It took 2 hours. Fun fun fun. I planted out some more baby lettuces which we had grown from seed. Luke helped with that. He loves planting.

As usual blogger isn't letting me load on any photos so I'll have to put them on later.

Friday was spent at Jenny's house. Seven children and three adults made for a fun packed day. The kids were good enough in the end, after a short period of upsets. We all played karioke with them, and then the kids had a disco in the living room. Jenny's house is looking fabulous now that she's spent so much time and effort on doing it up. It's looking very homely indeed.

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