Friday, August 25, 2006

Luke's Style Statements (for this week)

Ever the trend setter, Luke spent just as many hours this week trying out new looks, as he did asking for sweets. This cute little number mimics a pink hair do (cleverly acheived with Jude's pink poncho) , a dashing grey tie, matched with the grey dressing gown belt, and rounded off with a gorgeous read crocheted hand bag. Edit - note the favourite blue pj top wrapped around the knees too!

Outfit number two was created just last night. Here Luke models Mummys all time favourite top (specified to suit Mummys body shape by no onther than Trinny and Suzanna). Luke wears this number as a dress, and compliments it with an imitation English £50 note eraser.

The last little number, for the moment, is this great outfit. (Note how the red tones tie it all together?) The hat, all the way from Egypt, belongs to Sam, and the scarf (which Steve bought me in Belgium) belongs to Mummy. The dummy is the models own.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

What a sweet heart.
You'll be glad to have these pictures when he's all grown up and sensible. He might not be though ;-)

Also, I've tagged you back!