Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I had another appointment with the doctor this morning regarding my pulsitile tinnitus. I saw a different doctor a few months ago who told me all I could do for it was listening to the radio at night, so that I wouldn't hear the pulsing. What a load of cobblers. I looked the condition up on various websites and discovered that it is not the normal form of tinnitus. It is the sound of pulsing in the ears, or the sound of the heartbeat. It can be caused by various underlying conditions, including problems with the arteries. This time I went to see my own doctor, who is much better. She has referred me to an ENT specialist. She says that pulsitive tinnitus is extremely rare in someone of my age, although common among the elderly. She took my blood pressure which was normal. So now I'll wait and see how long it takes to get an appointment with the specialist.

Steve picked up my new treadmill today. Luke had never seen such a huge box and was extremely excited about the whole thing. He helped unpack it, and put it together. And then the kids tested it out for me. Steve tried to run for 1 km and almost died after about 30 seconds! Unfortunately there is a problem with the socket in the room I wanted the treadmill in. Every time we switched it on the trip switch went. So at the moment it is set up in the kids study room, which isn't ideal. I just managed 5 minutes on it before writing this blog, and I'm shattered! I'll have to build up slowly. I'll do another 5 minutes in a mo, before watching Desperate Housewives.

So this afternoon Sam decided to paint the discarded treadmill box. He painted 3 sides to make a ship, then painted smaller boxes for the ships supplies. Luke joined in at the end and painted the last side, and his legs, and his jumper, and his hands and hair. I had to give him a bath! Fortunately they were in the garden at the time.


steve said...

just for the record I nearly died after a third of a Km which was about 50 seconds, as i was running on number 10 (fast) so i am not as unfit as you you all may think!


Davy said...

Steve you need to build yourself up before trying anything too strenuous. I would recommend about a week's training before you actually switch the treadmill on.

Deborah said...

Do you only hear the pulsing when you're lying with your head to the side or is it there all the time? I have always experienced this in bed and sometimes it is very bizarre, as it is double my heart beat. Now you have me worried .....!
Great blog though. I've started two in my life time and submitted one entry in each. Pretty sad.
Will be in touch. Tough week.

Hazel said...

No the pulsing is there all the time. Its just easier to hear at night when its quiet, although sometimes I can hear it during the day too. It makes no difference if Im on my side, and now I can hear it in both ears, instead of just the left. Id say what you are experiencing is pretty normal.
PS - which Deb are you? LOL