Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It's been a very stressing day today, for one reason or another. Actually, I'm not sure what the reasons are, I'm just stressed.

Luke is still potty training and managed to get to the potty this morning. He is wearing 'big boy pants' now which he is so proud of. When he did got to the potty he had to phone his Daddy, Caroline and Aunty Jenny to share the news with them. Sam and Jude were here this time and they made such a fuss of him. We were all dancing and singing for him!

Its been just another day here really. The kids did their schoolwork, I went to Tesco just to get a few bits for the fridge and managed to spend £75. I tried to get something for Tabi's babies but there wasn't anything nice in Tesco. I don't know when I'm going to get time to shop for something nice.

Oh yes, I bought a treadmill yesterday. There is a guy in Belfast who sells gym equipment on ebay. I kept bidding on his treadmills and getting outbid every time. I was bidding up to £200. Anyway, I noticed on his auction listings that some of the newer auctions had 'buy it now' or 'submit best offer'. So I submitted a best offer to him of £200 for a treadmill that he was selling at £349 buy it now, and argos were selling for close to £1000. I had seen it going for over £400 on his auctions already, so I thought he'd laugh at my offer. Well, he didn't - he accepted it! So now we just have to collect it from Belfast. I can't wait. I figure that if I get going on it I could lose a few pounds before our spa weekend in 10 days time.

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