Thursday, May 18, 2006

Down and Out, Down Under

Me and Jane

Jane took me to the local womens night at the Baptist Church. They run an evening every term for all the ladies who take their kids to the mother and toddler group. This evening was called 'Down and Out, Down Under'. We were served some lovely food and had a nice chat and a laugh. Then we had to listen to a lady give her testimony. This bit usual makes me groan. These women get up and tell about how they got saved and I don't like listening to it one bit. To start with, they never talk about what being saved is or how they know they are saved. I always find that phrase rather odd - I mean, surely no one knows whether they are saved until God tells them "Yes you've made it". Anyway, I settled down for an hour of boredom. Me and Jane usually sit at the back and giggle like naughty school girls. But this lady was very interesting. She didn't talk at all about the Baptist church or getting saved. This lady was in her 50's and she had been an alcoholic since the age of 16. Her grandfather had abused her from the age of 8 - 16, when she had left for a new life in Australia. This life turned into years of misery and despair. The woman had some amazing stories to tell - with hilarious anecdotes about the time she was arrested for driving on the airport landing strip in Malta, thinking it was a motorway. She was in tears telling her story, but she still managed to get the hilarious anecdotes and jokes into her heartbreaking tale. One time she got home from a binge night to find a live sheep in the boot of her car! Well, I actually enjoyed listening to her. All in all, a pleasant evening out, and free (always a bonus). And they didn't try to convert me, although they did give me a booklet on the way out which I haven't looked at yet. Now it is almost midnight and Steve is in the bath waiting for me to bring him a towel! Better go.
Our table at the womens night

Jane on the right, Janet in the middle, and Janets Mum on left. Janet is the lovely lady who works in Steves shop, and the Mum of Judes best friend.

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