Thursday, May 04, 2006

T-shirts from America

Today Daddy came home from work with a parcel from America. How exciting! We finished our dinner and then openend the parcel. Inside were 3 presents all wrapped up with cute little message written onto them. Luke was shaking from the excitement of having an unexpected present! Sam, Jude and Luke each received a t-shirt from Colleen and her girls in America. Colleen saw a message that we had posted on the internet last year, looking for postcards for our home school postcard project. We received about 200 postcards altogether, which are displayed on our study room wall. Colleen sent us postcards too, but she also sent the kids a huge box full of sweets that we cant get in this country. wow, it was like christmas. We have received 4 parcels from Colleen now and enjoy each of them. We havent finished the sweets from the last one yet. So we thought we would post a photo of the kids sporting their new t-shirts, and eating their american lollies! Thanks so much to Colleen and her girls (and special thanks to Taylor who thinks I'm pretty! What a lovely child :)

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