Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The happy couple.
Jude took this photo on Saturday evening.

On Tuesday evenings Steve takes a GCSE photography class. Tonight he is handing in his 2nd project which had to be based on textures. This is his final 12 photos nicely displayed. I took this photo last night.

Its done nothing but rain all week but that hasn't stopped Luke from having a good time and getting plenty of fresh air.

Today we visited the dentist. Jude, as our resident photographer, was kind enough to take the camera! I'm sorry but the photos of me getting my upper pre-molars cleaned was too horrific for a family orientated site. This is the photo Jude took of Sam.

And the photo Sam took of Jude. Luke was so terrified that he cried and hid behind a chair. He wouldn't let the dentist anywhere near his mouth, despite how excited he had been about the whole thing just moments before.

A trip to Tesco's to buy some essentials and some ginger bread men soon cheered him up. Jude took the camera again. This is me getting the gingerbread men. Dont forget to click on photos if you want to see a bigger version.


Davy said...

That's it I'm never going to the dentist again. Ever.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Steve can make even a project about textures all about food!!! what wonderful photos though, the display looks like something you'd buy in habitat!
Tabi x

Maddi said...

Do you think Steve would like to do me a display for my new house? The photos are excellent. He could make a living out of doing picure displays for people! I'd buy them!