Monday, May 15, 2006

Chapter 1 - Sam's Story

hi this is chapter 1 of my story. from sam
Chapter 1

As the silent wind blow round the sail of my boat I looked out at the water which made no movement. The air was misty so I couldn’t see very well and I had know idea were we were going. The boat on they other hand was made of wood and had three large sails as I don’t like the engine running boats because I think they let you down to much. “captain” asked Montgomery in a soft voice
“yes?” I replied “I just wanted to know if the leak was fixed.”
“yes it is. I fixed it earlier on.”
“oh good.” Montgomery used to be one of the best explorers in the howl of Britain (better than me) and now even though he’s 50 years old he still comes exploring with me. He was now walking down the centre of the ship when in front of him burst a sea-monster through the wood and knocked him flying to the over side of the boat. I went to grab my gun when in front of me a smaller sea monster came through the wood. It looked at me in a cute way until it opened its mouth reviling two rows of sharp teeth. I stepped back a bit. The sea monster was about 1 ½ meters long and its skin colour was navy blue. It then slid forward on its belly. I quickly dodged out of the way and started running to my gun witch I just about got hold of in time to shoot another small sea-monster. At this time there were about 10 small sea monsters on board and the ship was sinking fast. The big sea-monster on the other hand had eating about 5 men and had been shoot 18 times and so it decided to sink back into the water. Montgomery had got up and was now cornered by two small sea-monsters but thankfully I shot one and the other ran away. Montgomery ran to the life boat and I came with him. He quickly got in and I pushed out the boat. It hit the water in no time. I immediately jumped into the boat as we sailed away. As tuff as the journey was we made it to the end.

(Copyright Samuel Mayger 2006)

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Davy said...

Wow! Excellent story!
I'm going to have nightmares tonight mind......