Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chapter 2 - Sam's Story


It was a hard journey but with the supplies we brought we managed to survive until a fishing boat found us and took us back to England. We were taking to the nearest hospital and Montgomery was free to go but I had to stay in because I had a very big cut on my left arm. In my private room in the private hospital I was lying on my bed when there was a nock on my door. “Come in!” I shouted. The door opened and Montgomery stepped in and took a sit. “Hello.” He said. “how are you?”
“Fine. I’m just hoping to get out of this dump soon.” I said. The door knocked again. “Uh who could that be? Come in!” The door opened and a shadowy figure dressed in black with a scar on his eye came walking in. “Hi. You are John? The explorer?” he asked. “Yes I am. Why?” “Well, its about these sea monsters. I wanted to know if you would team up with me and a couple of other explorers as we are interested in these sea monsters. We will split the money equally. I have a boat and a good team ready to go. There are seven other explorers willing to come, as famous as you. We would make the front of every newspaper and we would become millionaires. You’d be named the discoverer of mysteries. Think about it.”
“Well I think that’s a fantastic idea John” said Montgomery. “Well, there would have to be a couple of conditions. Number one, we split the money equally. Number two, I am not told what to do, I do what I want. And number three, Montgomery can come.” Montgomery looked at me with his eyes opened wide. “Well” said the stranger, “I suppose I could arrange an extra space on our boat.” “Excellent!” Montgomery said, “I shall get ready right away.” I smiled as the black figure walked out of the door, with Montgomery. “What is your name?” I shouted after him. “Pascal” he replied as he turned and walked away closing the door behind him.

copyright Samuel Mayger 2006


steve said...

what a great story sam keep up the good work mate!!!! from your cool dad!

Maddi said...

Wow that's great Sam. You obviously have a lot of talent. Can't wait for the next installment!
Maddi xxx