Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm in the middle of cooking spaghetti bolognaise for dinner. Jude is off to Brownies in about 20 minutes time. Tonight they are doing their 'reading badge', and they have a teacher coming in to see whether they should pass. Each girl has to bring in 4 books that she recently read. Jude is taking Minn of the Mississippi, Caddie Woodlawn, The Four Story Mistake and The Princess & the Goblin. I think they are pretty impressive for a P5 age child!

Well, this morning Luke decided it was the day to begin potty training. I had no intention of this whatsoever, but he decided it was happening whether I liked it or not. So I had to go along with it. He spent 20 minutes sitting on the potty singing, to no avail. Then Caroline turned up and told him that if he did a pee in the potty while she was at Tesco she would bring him a treat back. He tried a few times with no luck. Then I heard him calling "I've done a pee Mummy" and there it was in the potty! Well, I made a huge fuss of him. We sang, and danced, and I hugged him. He was so excited to empty it into the toilet and flush it himself. He has spent all day with no nappy on but hasn't managed to make it to the toilet a second time. He pee'd twice in the garden, and once in the drivers seat of the car! Nice one. So begins our potty training adventure.

The kids had a day off today, seen as it was public holiday and all their friends were off school. They won't get a day off on Friday now. They went to the park with some friends and had a good time. I have started to help Jude sort through all the toys in her room. She is having a big clear out, like we did with Sam a few weeks back.

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