Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Day To Myself

Luke woke us all up at 6.30am this morning. He was up singing the dawn chorus with the birds. So Steve got the kids up and dressed by 8.30 and he took them all out to breakfast, for a treat. I was invited too but I chose to stay at home and enjoy the peace and quiet. It's unusual for the house to be empty.
I met Heather for a coffee in Hillsborough. We went to a few quaint little shops and then we found a nice little cafe with sofas to relax on. The scones were absolutely delicious there. They do chocolate fondu for 6 for £5 there, so we are going to take the kids there one day. Luke is very fond of 'chocolate doo'.
After our coffee I went shopping in Lisburn centre. I didn't plan to buy anything. But it's always the way that you see so much nice stuff when you are not shopping, and if you particularly need something you can bet you wont be able to find it. So I did buy a bit. I got Luke a few new outfits, which he sorely needed. He was so excited when I told him on the phone that I was buying him clothes. He sounds so sweet down the phone. When I got home with them he tried them all on, one after another (he has seen me trying my new things on). I bought him such a cute little white shirt with a pale blue pattern on it. When he saw it he said "now I'm just like Daddy". I also bought Sam and Jude one of those mood rings each. We saw them in the aquarium for about £4 each and I wouldn't let them have one. So today when I saw them for £1.50 I thought I better grab them.
For myself I managed to buy 2 pairs of new jeans. I find it so hard to get jeans to fit that look good, so when I do find some I try to buy a few in different colours. I tried on all the expensive jeans, and they all looked hideous. Then there was a rail of half price jeans in BHS, reduced to £12.50 each. I almost didn't try them as I guessed that they must be really bad if they had so many unsold. But when I did try them they fitted like a dream! So I bought 2 pairs. I also got some jogging bottoms, a belt and a pink top.
Well, it was nice to have a day away from the house, but it wasn't quite what I'd planned. The weather was so awful that taking a walk didn't seem like a great idea. Still, it was nice to dander round without rushing, or without trying to entertain a bored 2 year old, and it was nice to spoil myself a bit - although I only bought bargains!
This evening I played a gave Luke a bath, played a game of battleship with Jude and wrote to my prison pen pal. Now I'm reading to conk out in front of the telly (not something I do very often) with a nice cup of tea. Desperate Housewives is on tonight. I'll have to stay up for it because I couldn't possibly miss it!

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Tammy said...

Good for you for having a day to yourself!!