Friday, May 12, 2006

I've hardly had a chance to post this last couple of days. I just haven't had the time.
This morning Luke crawled into our bed as usual and Steve went down stairs to make him his morning bottle of milk. When he went into the living room there were two birds flying around! They had obviously come down the chimney and they were frantic! So we all ran downstairs to see them and I had to open the window and let them out. Because we were all up Steve decided it would be a good time to go through our finances with me. He had prepared a list of incoming and outgoing expenses. A few weeks back Steve stopped most of his mail order business and we decided to try and live on just the takings from the shop alone. Steve was just working too hard running two businesses and never had time to relax or spend with us. So for the first time we are living on one wage. As it turns out we now have more expenses per month than we have income, so we are losing money every day. It was a bit scary to see it all on paper. We looked through the list to see where we could save money. It was hard really to find any way of saving. We can try to buy cheaper food etc. The kids go to a few clubs but they dont consitute the bulk of our spending. Most of it is of course, the mortgage and running the car. Steve discussed getting rid of the car altogether and trying to live without one for a few years. It would seem very odd not having a car, but I reckon we would get used to it. Anyway, Steve still wants me to go to this spa retreat with Heather but I just feel so guilty spending that kind of money when we are trying to save money by eating beans and lentils instead of meat! We will see.

Today I cleaned the shower room upstairs at 5pm. Luke watched me with interest. I cleaned the toilet, sink, floor, walls and shower. He sat and watched and chatted to me. After I'd finished I took all the cleaning products downstairs and left Luke to play upstairs while I loaded the dishwasher. I heard the toilet flushing and thought I better check on Luke. He heard me coming up the stairs and was saying "don't come in Mummy". I opened the door to see such a mess! He had re-cleaned the whole shower room with Johnsons Baby Powder! The toilet was worst hit. There was a mountain of talc all over the seat. The sink was covered, the shower, the scales - and even all the walls! The floor was like a slippery talc ice rink. He put his hands over his eyes and tried to hide. I sent him to his bed and told him he had been very naughty, and I set about re-cleaning the shower room. It took me longer the second time and I could harldy breath in it! While I was re-cleaning I heard Luke calling me from his room "I'm happy now Mummy" he said. "Good" I said "But that was still a naughty thing you did in the shower room". "I'm sorry Mummy. I'm really really really really sorry Mummy. I'm a good boy now. I'm happy now. Can I get out of bed now?" Thank goodness I hadn't left the bleach in the bathroom!

Keeping up to date with the mystery trip in October I have now discovered that it is to one of the following places - either Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Austria or Sweden. I think I'm going to find out the full details pretty soon. I'm almost sure its not Norway, Finland or Austria from some of the things Steve said. He said their was an E in the city title so it could be Geneva. It's definitely not Italy anyway - and I have always wanted to go to Venice and Rome - but nevermind. I'll love it where ever it is!

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