Monday, May 15, 2006

Sam seemed a little annoyed at first when I started to help him during Maths today, but then we had a chat and agreed that seen as I was going to be helping him, we might as well enjoy the time together and make the most of it. Things went uphill from then. I learnt how to add fractions, subtract fractions, I learnt all about improper fractions, mixed fractions and simplifying fractions. It's amazing how much we forget from our school days. Maths just hasn't stuck in my head at all. I guess I didn't find it very inspiring. We had a good laugh together working it all out for an hour and I'm actually looking forward to it tomorrow. Not because I enjoy the sums, but because I found it really rewarding to see Sam understand and learn something. Very satisfying.

Apart from the maths it was a pretty dull day. It rained all day so there was no chance of going outside. Although Luke did have great fun splashing in the puddles in his Darth Vader welly boots and waterproofs. He loves the rain. Today he asked me "Where does the rain come from Mummy?" I thought that was quite an inquisitve question for a 2 year old. I explained that the clouds are full of water and when they get too heavy the water drops out as rain. He thought that was fascinating. Then I explained that all the plants drink the rain water from the tiny daisy to the biggest tree. We were in the car at the time, and all the way home he pointed to every tree and flower that he saw asking "is that one drinking the water too?" I love them at this age. Everything is so awesome to a two year old.

It's 9.45pm and I'm about to write a letter to my pen pal. I have 3 letters to answer from him and I'm slacking. He'll be wondering what's happened. We write once a week usually. I've been letting him stew as I didn't like some of the attitude in one of his letters and I couldn't motivate myself to write back to it. But his last letter was lovely and cheery again so I better get going and write back to him. He says that my letters at the only thing he has to look forward to in life. None of his family ever visit or write to him and he has been inside since 1989.

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Davy said...

I always found fractions very rude -- vulgar and improper.