Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The weather here had been crazy. Spring is really late here this year. Its been just so odd. One minute its sunny – then next its pouring with rain. We have had so much rain that our garden is like a bog. And we’ve had hail stones a lot too. Today was the first nice day we have had this year. It was beautiful. The kids got their studies done by lunch time and we spent the rest of the day in the garden. Jude planted some pansies and violas in the flower bed that the ivy grow in. She also planted some sweet pea seeds and some nasturtium seeds to grow up the wall. Me and Sam spent a long time digging the new potato and onion patch. It seems we have pretty good soil in our garden as it was a field before our house was built (our old house garden was full of bits of the school that had been knocked down). So in the morning Sam is going to plant the onions and soon the potatoes will be ready to plant too. We made our own compost over the winter by recycling all our fruit and veg scraps. Its amazing stuff. There is steam coming out of it! And it smells like horse muck. Great for the veg though J It was so nice to spend some time out of doors. Luke sat next to us while we were digging collecting any worms that got turned up. He collected them all in a bowl but he put them back into the soil at the end. Then he gathered stones and washed them in my washing up bowl. Little boys are great fun in the garden! His favourite thing at the moment is to go outside on a wet day and splash in the puddles. A few days back I dressed him in his water proof clothes and put his welly boots on. It was pouring with rain but he been ill the week before and hadn’t been outside for ages. So me and Luke spent an hour outside in the street in the rain splashing in puddles! It was so much fun! I enjoyed myself as much as him. Sam and Jude were watching him through the window whilst they did their maths. Now any time it rains he wants to do it again. Sam put the hammock that I bought last summer back up in the garden. Then he brought down the duvet and pillows from his bed, and him and Jude sat all tucked up in the hammock reading books and tickling each other. By this time Luke wanted to pretend to drive our car so I had the front door open so that I could keep half an eye on Luke who was ‘driving’ in our driveway, and the back door was open for the other kids. I could hear Luke happily ‘brum brum’ing and Sam and Jude were giggling and laughing in the back garden. I sat in the hallway between the two just thinking ‘this is what life is all about’ – happy kids, laughing, carefree childhood days. Doesn’t the sun shine just make everything seem so much better?

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