Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Busy busy day...

This is me having a go at tilling the ground. The smell of chicken poo was horrific!

Here is luke helping me to push the tiller. In his new Darth Vader welly boots!

Sam also did a great job with it. The machine is very heavy and awkward.

Well its 10.20am and so far nothing has been acheived. Luke is in the bath singing and splashing, Sam is in his room having a moody and Jude is on the playstation. This morning Steve hired a rotivator / tiller for me to spend the day digging up the large part of soil for our veggie garden. He also demolished the chicken pen (not the actual house but the guantanamo bay style pen which gave the chickens space to roam in the sunshine). He did a little bit of tilling with the machine to show me how to do it. Boy, the stink from all that chicken poo that has been absorbed into the soil! The neighbours are gonna love me! At least it will be fertile land. So once Luke is out of the bath and dressed I have till 8am tomorrow morning to till the land for the veg. I'm guessing that by 5 o'clock today Im gonna stink like a chicken farm. Nice.Will get the kids to take some photos later.

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