Sunday, April 30, 2006

Best day of Judes life so far!

I cant beleive that Luke has slept till 11.30am this morning! Mind you, he was shattered after yesterdays excitement. Jude went to work at the CD fair in Coleraine with her Dad. We told her it would be boring but she wanted to go anyway. Me, Sam and Luke went to the Transport museum for the morning. Luke loves all the steam engines. Then we took Sam to his saturday drama school and me and Luke went to W5 on our own. There is a play level there which is just perfect for Luke. It has a pretend supermarket and cafe, a huge wooden train set, toy kitchens, all sorts of things. So Luke did two exciting trips in one day - hence his tiredness.

Whilst all this was happening Jude was working in Steve's CD fair. She was selling CDs, and also spent some time looking after the desk at the door, charing people entry.

What we didnt realise was that it was the Lord Mayor's show in Coleraine yesterday. There were parades and shows. Jude and Steve were specially invited up the the Lord Mayors chambers to meet with him privately! wow. He was all dressed in his mayors costume. They went into a very posh room - like the oval room! Jude had her two visiting flat Stanleys from Syria and she told the mayor all about them. He was intrigued by it all and posed for photos with them. He then signed a postcard for Jude, and a postcard for each of the flats. Its a nice treat for the children from Syria who own them. Very unusual. Here is a photo of Jude signing his guestbook.

Jude spent some time in the town centre with daddy's camera - looking for photo opportunities for her flats. She saw a few different parads and shows. We didnt realise how talented she is with a camera. (Although it seems that all the photos I have posted here were taken by someone else!)

Whilst Daddy was working in the fair Jude was allowed to go into town on her own. She was watching a pair of buskers doing a sort of circus performance. They chose her out of the audience to help them with the bed of nails trick. So they gave Daddy's £800 camera to a complete stranger and asked them to photograph her whilst she helped!

Here is a photo of Jude with the two men before the bed of nails performance.
They wanted Jude to test the nails for sharpness I think. They were pretending to throw her onto the nails. She said she was shaking afterwards - from the excitement, not fear :)

She certainly enjoyed her day working with daddy anyway. It was a day to remember.


steve said...

What i great blog this is. I do not know how my wife gets the time. Jude had a great day and got some excellent training for taking over the business in few years time when I retire. (aged 37)

Hazel said...

Its easy Steve. I'm super woman. I keep telling you that :)

Marian said...

WOW what an exciting day. She won't forget it in a hurry. Perhaps she will be very keen to go with Daddy every time he is working hehehe

colleen said...

That is just so exciting! What a treat for Jude! The pics are fantastic. She looks lovely!

Davy said...

I'm quite shocked that Steve is retiring this year (aged 37) but he has already made his first million so he deserves it.
The quality stock in the background of the first picture (that people are actually looking at) is mine. I would encourage all Hazel's blog readers to come along to a fair and buy some.
Jude is living proof that CD & Record Fairs are actually incredibly exciting events, and not at all like 'watching paint dry' as her mum suggests.

emily said...

How cool for Jude!I love her picture with the Lord Mayor.
I've not been to a record fair myself, but I think my dh would love them!