Saturday, April 08, 2006

Northern Ireland Organics?

Why cant I find a producer of organic vegetables and fruit in Northern Ireland? Is there no-one here farming organically? I tried getting one of those veg boxes delivered to the door but the woman was charing a fortune as she was sourcing the produce from various farm around the Cork area and then delivering them to the North. Surely we must have an organic farm here in Northern Ireland? I found a great website for one in Donegal - but I doubt that they will deliver to us. Ideally I would love a wee farm shop selling all sorts of fruit, veg and meat, that we could just drop into and buy whatever we want. I guess the only hope is that the veg we are growing in the garden will be a success. We are taking a trip with the other home schoolers to an organic farm in Letterkenny, in May. Its miles away, but the trip should be good.
It really frustrates me. Northern Ireland seems to be so far behind the times. It is so hard to find out anything on the net pertaining to NI. No one seems to use the net for their businesses. There is almost nothing for sale on ebay from NI. Am I the only person here that has a computer?
I found a friends of the earth website that I havent looked at yet. And a few other good sites about organic farming etc But Im still no closer to being able to buy organic produce here. Maybe I should start off an organic farm of my own :)
The first website - donegal organic - has a 'sponsor a tree' feature. They are planting a new millenium forest in which every tree is sponsored by an individual or family. That sponsor then gets to visit the forest free of charge at any time. It is planted with only native trees. It started in 1999 so I have emailed to ask if they are still taking sponsors. I thought it would make a nice home school project for the kids. Im always looking for educational opportunities that are also life enriching.

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