Friday, April 21, 2006

The nicest day of the year so far

No doubt about it, today was the nicest weather we have had so far. I had to put sun cream on Sam and Luke! Imagine that... sometimes that doesn't happen even in the summer. We spent most of the day outdoors, although this morning we went round to the new neighbours house for a coffee and a snoop around her place. As I expected, it was much tidier than mine :)
This afternoon Sam and Jude helped me empty out Lukes sandpit which had turned into a swampy pond over the winter. We tidied the whole garden. It was full of rubbish, plant pots, and general mess. Anyone who drove passed must have thought we were right mingers! So now it is tidy, swept, and far more hygienic. I still need to weed all round the edges but that's not priority. Tomorrow if the weather is nice we will mow the lawn, remove the last bits of guantanamo bay from the garden, and dig the soil and rake it ready for planting the veg.

This evening we had dinner in the garden, which was just such a treat! I made spicy chicken fajitas with wraps. Jude put a table cloth on the table and some pink flowers and Luke helped take out the juice and salt. Jude took a photo of us all eating in the garden, feeling very Mediterranean. I'll post it later when I load the photos onto the computer.
Right now it is 6.30pm and we are just about to watch a play that Sam and Luke have been rehearsing all week - the little shop of horrors. Sam has been getting props ready all day and he has been teaching Luke the songs all week. We have to watch a play every week. Sam and Luke put on great performances!
Tomorrow we are having Easter, 1 week late. We will have an easter egg hunt around the garden in the morning and a mini egg hunt in their bedrooms. Steve enjoys it more than any of the kids!

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