Thursday, April 13, 2006

Luke got hold of the wax...

Luke loves nothing more than to sit in the drivers seat of our car and pretend to drive in the driveway to our house. Actually, sometimes we sit him on our knee at the end of the cul-de-sac and let him steer into our house. This evening he went out to the car as usual. We always leave the front door open to keep an eye on him. I was up tidying our bedroom. When I came down the stairs Luke called out "I've got spikey hair Mummy!" Sure enough, when I looked closer his hair was sticking right up. He had found a pot of Sams hair wax in the car. He looked real cute. But when I looked closer he had actually put the entire pot of wax into his hair. It was thick and gunky and caked into his scalp. We took a photo which I'll load on some time. Anyway, I was on my way out to Iceland to get some shopping so I asked Steve to take care of it. When I came home Steve was mowing the lawn and the wax had dried solid into Lukes hair, who was running round the garden in his new welly boots. I'd had a phone call and had to pop out quickly to visit a lady in the next estate. I asked Steve to sort Luke out with a bath. When I came home Steve had washed Lukes hair twice. But shampoo alone was not enough to remove the wax. Steve had blackmailed Luke into letting him wash his hair a second time by telling him he could have chocolate when he got out of the bath. So I got home at 9pm to find Luke wrapped up in a towel eating chocolate and watching Finding Nemo. He usually goes to bed at about 7.30pm. He is in bed now, with hair still caked in wax. In the morning Im going to have to wash it with Fairy Washing Up Liquid or something to really clean it.

Today we went to B&Q and bought some herbs for the garden. We got lavender, rosemary, thyme and lemon balm. That was all they had. But I bought some parsley and basil in Lidl which I'll plant out too. I also bought two climbing plants, one is a clematis and I forget the other one. They'll pretty up the veggie patch a bit. I also bought some marigold plants. Apparently planting flowers in amoungst the veggies is a natural way to keep nasty pests away from your crop. Instead of using pesticides you can encourage good wildlife into the garden by planting flowers alongside the greens. Butterflys, bees, ladybirds etc will visit the garden and they will eat the greenfly etc. Also, marigolds can be eaten in salads. I also bought a soil testing kit. It tells the ph of the soil. I did a test on the part of the garden that the chickens lived on and it seems to be acid. Although the colour that it turned isnt an exact match of anything on the chart that came with it. I cant tell whether it is slightly acidic, or very acidic. We bought some organic tomato plants in B&Q too. I will have to visit another garden centre to buy some fruit bushes. And I cant decide whether to plant straight into the ground or whether it is too water clogged and we may be better to go for raised beds. Its so hard to know what to do when youre such a novice. I havent got a clue what Im doing really.

Here is Jude posing on the toilet in a B&Q showroom!

Luke and Sam are also toilet posers.

The kids pose with our vising flats and a trolley full of plants.

My soil test. Can you tell me what colour the solution went? It looks like muddy water to me!

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Davy said...

Hey kids -- using the toilet in a public showroom may look like a lot of fun, but it's actually very naughty and your mum might be arrested!