Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Our Easter week

Well we have been having a ball here the last 2 weeks. The weather is perking up a bit (today it was gorgeous) and the kids have been off school. Today the kids got £20 each from their grandparents and great grandparents in England, for Easter. What a treat! Luke opened his letters and was so excited by the money. He announced that we were all going to the cinema with his money! Isn’t that cute. I had to go to Tesco first and do a big food shop, because all the cupboards and fridge were bare. He helped me put stuff in the trolley and convinced me to buy things I didn’t want – like stringy cheese. We spent £145 in Tesco !!! That’s way more than normal, although I had to buy everything – washing powder, shampoo, soaps, toothpaste, nappies, everything needed replacing. So it cost an arm and a leg. Then I raced home and put the cold stuff into the fridge. Jude was at her friends so me, Luke and Sam went to see the Little Polar Bear 2 at the cinema. We bought some cola and sweets in Tesco to save money in the cinema. Poor Sam. He was going to take a friend to see The Shaggy Dog Tale instead as the polar bear was a bit babyish for him. But none of his mates were free so he came with us and sat through Luke’s baby film. It wasn’t too bad. Luke enjoyed it. When we got home I put the rest of the shopping away and then went out to the garden to lime the soil. We have acid soil apparently and to grow most veg I need to de-acid it a bit, and the way to do that is by adding lime. So that’s what I did. Luke helped me to do that. I put Luke’s little Ladybird tent up in the garden and Sam made it into a huge clubhouse. He dragged things from all over the garden and made a great place with escape hatches, and emergency slide exits. He raised a flag made out of a bin liner. And camouflaged it with fir tree branches. Then he had two boys from the neighbourhood round and they used it as a club house. It looked like great fun.

Steve was doing a record fair in Newcastle on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday we went to the tropical butterfly farm in Seaforde. Poor Jude was terrified that a butterfly was going to land on her. So she spent most of the time in the next part where the parrots and terrapins were. Luke just loved the place. We worked out that if we put our fingers into the nectar that the butterflies were drinking then they would be attracted to us too. Luke managed to get one to crawl onto his hand this way and he was just so pleased about that. Sam got a big blue tropical one on his hand too. Luke managed to get one to crawl onto his hand this way and he was just so pleased about that. Sam got a big blue tropical one on his hand too. We took a picnic with us but it rained all day so we sat in the car and ate marmite sandwiches, bananas and biscuits. The peacocks all gathered around the car for some crumbs of food so the kids started throwing their sandwiches out to them. They were eating straight out of their hands. Afterwards we drove to Newcastle to see Daddy at the fair. Our friends Heather and Davey were there with their daughter Catherine. Heather took the kids on some dodgem rides and I took Luke on a few baby rides. Then they all came back to our house for an Indian take away.

Sam with a butterfly on his hand at Seaforde Topical Butterfly House.

Over the weekend we had my sister Jenny and her girls here. It was a good time. The kids enjoyed each others company. Although Steve and Sam weren’t here as they’d gone to a fellowship camp thing in Liverpool, England. On the Sunday morning we had a little Easter egg hunt around the garden. There were kinder eggs, foil wrapped eggs, chocolate bunny lollies and chocolate coins to be found all round the garden. Luke thought he was in heaven!

Jude, Luke and their cousins with the easter eggs that they found during the hunt in the garden.

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