Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dig dig

Today Flat Mum Bree arrived just in time to do some gardening. I spent yesterday afternoon digging out the patch of lawn that the chickens had been pooping on all winter and we are using that to grow some onions and potatos. In another part of the garden we will grow tomatoes, sunflowers, carrots etc. Ive been waiting for Steve to dig and the weather to be nice for so long. So when it was sunny yesterday I just went out and started digging. Today we got the digging finished. We composted the ground with the compost we had made over the winter, and then the kids started planting. Sam planted onions and Jude planted nasturtians. Luke played with the worms and threw stones out of the mud for us. A little Robin was sitting nearby, stealing worms from the soil whenever he thought we werent looking. It was nice to get outdoors for a whiles - yesterday was the first sunny day of the year. Here are a few photos...

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