Friday, April 14, 2006

Donegore Landscape Centre

Today we took a drive to the Lanscape Centre in Donegore. I've never been there before but it was a nice place and the weather was lovely today for a change. At the centre we followed the nature trail which takes you up to the top of Donegore moat. From there you can see a fantastic view across Northern Ireland. Of course, this photo doesnt do it justice.

We sat at the top and had a little picnic whilst we took in the view. Luke suprisingly managed to walk all the steps up to the top. He seemed to really enjoy sitting up there eating oranges and drinking left over coke. Sam wandered off on his own for a while to find out where else the nature trail went to.

After we had bought some fruit plants for the garden and visited the coffee shop we drove to our friends house. They lived sort of on the way home. Heather and Davey, and their daughter Catherine. Luke had a great time at their house. Catherine has a conservatory full of toys. So he spent the time playing with all her Barbie cars, and a postman pat van which he particularly liked. Heather gave Luke a ride on bike, a scooter and a pram. He was absolutely chuffed to bits with them although I had a hard time getting them in the car with all the plants.

This is Heather and Davey. Heather is trying to finish Davey off with a carrot. Davey made me take his photo because he is an entusiastic reader of my blog and he particularly wants to feature in it ;)

On the way home we had to pick Steve up from work because he had forgotten his house keys and couldnt get in until we got home. So I had to squeeze him into the car with all the plants and toys.

Here is the man himself waiting for us to pick him up, outisde of his CD shop.

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Anonymous said...

I've been hankering after an online presence for years now, so you can imagine my delight when Hazel kindly offered to feature a photo of me in her blog. Unfortunately there were strings attached. I had to agree to pose in my kitchen whilst being stabbed with a carrot. It seemed bizarre but some folk will do anything for fame and I'm no exception. The results aren't too bad really, and I've had several offers of modelling assignments already.
I'd recommend everyone to read Hazel's blog on a daily basis -- you never know what she'll get up to next!!! Keep up the good work!