Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Egg Decorating

My Mum bought me some flowers when she came round on Tuesday evening. Here they are with Flat Mum Bree from Desperate Housewives. She helped me arrange them! They go perfectly with her dress!

Last night the kids had some easter eggs from Nanny. Luke got a milky bar one with a horse inside. It was cute. He was so excited by the big box and all the packaging. He couldn't wait to eat it. Sam and Jude got 'decorate it yourself' eggs. They came plain in the box with lots of sweets and icing to use as glue. They had great fun decorating them. After Luke had half eaten his egg he wanted to decorate it. So Sam and Jude gave him some of their sweets and icing and he had a good go at decorating his egg too. We took some photos for the blog and for our flat stanleys. We are hosting 5 at the moment. 4 flat stanleys - from Maine, USA - Texas, USA - and 2 from Damascus in Syria. The other one is a flat Mum.

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