Sunday, March 26, 2006


Maddi said...

This was really fun to read Hazel. It's nice to be able to read about what you and the kids are up to and see the pics. Keep going!!


PS - Come and visit me in my not so new house. I've been here for over 6 months now!!!

Marian said...

Love this idea. I agree with Maddi. If I had time I would do likewise. That sounds daft since I have no kids running around. Maybe when I get my studies out of the way and am more settled in work I will have a go also. Love the pics. These are great for the kids to get involve in too. Its a pity we didnt have something like this when you girls were growing up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel, Just loved reading your blog. Although I'm not really sure what a blog is. It is a wonderful way to stay connected with people like me...all the way from Texas, USA. I love getting to know more about your family and what you are doing. I think I would enjoy doing a blog but not too sure I have much to talk about. Love the pictures of Ireland and your family & friends. Keep going. From, Beverly