Sunday, March 26, 2006

Day One

I have no idea if I can catch on to this blog idea as I have so little free time for doing something which seems to absolutely pointless. But everyone else seems to enjoy it so Im giving it a go. I wonder if I will ever get passed day one.

Im sitting here at the computer when I really should be doing a ton of housework. The computer is about to crash because we have thousands of photos stored on it - which really need sorting out and deleting or putting onto disc. I just spend 20 minutes sorting out 1 folder and there are another 50 odd folders to be sorted. Maybe if I take a day to get that done we wont need a new computer after all!

Husband and kids have gone to Dublin today for a fellowship meeting. Little son is asleep upstairs. I kept him at home because he has a stinking cold and big puffy purple eyes. Poor wee man. I feel so sorry for him. Im hoping that he goes to sleep so that I can race round and make this place look more presentable. I spent 3 hours this morning ironing! Yes , 3 hours.

Well Im going to post this first message and see whether it works and try to work out what Im doing before I write any more.

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