Friday, October 13, 2006

This is me

This is Luke's first ever independent painting. It's me. But you can see that, of course.
Yesterday evening I was stressed out, before going to belly dancing class. The constant headaches I am getting, along with the pounding sounds in my ear are getting to me somewhat, and I was getting rather stressed. Luke was worried that I was 'sad'. So he told Daddy that he was going to paint me a picture to make me happy! When I came home (at midnight) this painting was waiting on the floor in the hallway for me to discover. I almost cried as Steve said that he painted it all on his own. Face shape first, then eyes, then nose, then a huge smiley mouth. Isn't it just the most gorgeous thing? It melted my heart anyway. Luke has put some blue tac on it so that we can display it in pride of place for everyone to see.


Nanny said...

Och that is so sweet - you must frame it and keep it just like the one you did for me when you were small - remember the picture you drew of me with a 'baby in my tummy' still makes me smile when I look at it. Have it hanging in the office now x

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. What a special boy you have there!!


Daddy said...

I was with him when it did this painting. He would not let me help him in anyway. So to do this with paint was really great. Well done luke!!!!

Jules said...

Well done Luke! That is a great picture, one to treasure.