Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sam's School Report

It seems that at the Integrated School Sam will be getting a school report twice a term instead of twice a year! One arrived in the post yesterday. As they haven't taken any proper exams yet this report was graded on effort. (Something which Sam was sorely missing in his last year at primary school before being home educated). Anyway, I was very pleased with Sam's first report. Here it is...

Key to grades

1 Works well at all times
2 Works reasonably well
3 Needs to improve
4 Causing concern

Art 1
Citizenship 1
Drama 1
Employability 1
English 1
French 1
Geography 1
History 2
Home Economics 2
Mathematics 1
Music 1
Physical Education 1
Religious Education 1
Science 1
Technology 1

Attendance 100%

Isn't that good?
Well, today it's Halloween, and boy is Luke excited. The whole concept of knocking on peoples doors and getting free sweets is his idea of heaven. Trick or treating is a huge thing in this estate. Dozens of kids get dressed up and go knocking. It's quite a spectacle. Some of the houses in the estate put up Halloween decorations and make a big thing of it. It looks really cool. We have never lived any where before where kids went trick-or-treating.

Yesterday I took a notion to strip the wallpaper from our bedroom. For my 29th birthday (last December) Steve and the kids gave me a voucher that said they would decorate my bedroom if I chose the paint colour. What I didn't realise at the time was that it was dependant on me stripping the wallpaper. A hideous task. Yesterday I finally got round to doing it. It was a long boring messy job. Now our bedroom looks like a bomb site so we are of the B&Q in a minute to choose some paint. Then I believe that Steve will be painting it. Photos to follow.


John and Jill said...

Well done Sam, you are doing so well. It is a great report. Love Grannie & Grandad xxxx

daddy said...

well donr brains, keep it up!!

nanny said...

I know where he gets all his brains and good looks from (hehe)

Tammy said...

Great job Sam!! And, great job mum for the encouragement and preparing him to do well!!