Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Peter Pan

In an attempt to inspire Luke to get dressed up into his new costumes I decided to read the story of Peter Pan to him. He was very excited about this and we put his new Peter Pan costume on whilst we read it, which added to the excitement. He has never heard the story before. After reading it I suggested a game. He was Peter Pan and I was Captain Hook the pirate. I put on the few bits from his pirate costume that fitted me and we had great fun! Jude took some photos so that Grandad, who bought him the costume, could see.


Nanny said...

Awww that is really cute and Luke looks fabulous too lol x x x

Lin said...

Aw, he looks just too darned cute for words in that outfit.

Anonymous said...

that looks like fun!

Catherine said...

I love the costumes. Luke looks very cute.

It was nice to find someone else on the CWO Webring from this part of the world.

You can find me at :

Catherine :-)