Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

We decided to make a good effort for Halloween this year. Luke has been really looking forward to it. He remembers going round in his buggy last year, collecting a bucket full of sweets from strangers. And he's been waiting all year to do it again. He even used the same bucket.
Yesterday we made tissue ghosts (idea from Deb's Blog) and hung them in our living room window. (You can see a monster on the other side of the window if you look carefully!) They look really cute and were so easy to make that even Luke managed to make four of them.

Today we took a trip down to B&Q to buy paint testers, but when we got home we had some time to make some jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins. I'd already got 4 large pumpkins but Luke decided that he should have a little pumpkin, cos he's the littlest, and so he 'purchased' one in Sainsbury's. It was some work hollowing them all out for carving, and we'll be eating pumpkin soup for weeks to come. But we all spent a fun hour making them together, and they looked pretty impressive on our door step this evening.

(Don't forget you can click on the photos to see the bigger clearer images)
I thought Luke was going to bust a gut having to wait till it was dark to go trick-or-treating. The moon decided to come out before it was dark, which confused the poor wee man further. He decided that the moon couldn't wait for Halloween either so it had come out early! How cute. When Daddy got home from work at 6pm we all got dressed up (except Daddy who is a Halloween scrooge). I dressed rather fetchingly as a witch, Jude as some sort of red she-devil-girl-wearing-eye-patch-with-blood-on-face, Sam as a googly eyed monster, and Luke in his new skeleton dressing up costume which Jenny & girls gave him for his birthday. Off we set down the cul-de-sac with our empty bags. As usual, at 6.30pm our first visitors complained that we were too early, and by the time we reach the bottom of the estate people complained that they didn't have hardly any sweets left to give us.

All in all the people round here really put a lot of effort into Halloween for the kids. Many of the houses were decorated, and lots of the people had made up party bags for the kids. As usual there were the few miserable old misers who moaned about us "not saying a rhyme" and begrudgingly handed over a half eaten mouldy apple. (I don't know why these people open the door!)

(Oh bless! I've just been to open the door to some late trick or treaters and I noticed that Luke and Steve have both fallen asleep on my bed!)

Anyway, good fun was had by all. The kids came back with a full carrier bag of sweets each! Many of the Mums I spoke to on the way round complained about problems with kids throwing fireworks. So its not just us that are experiencing this. While we were out we saw a gang of about 15 lads throw a firework at two girls who were knocking on someones door. They screamed and ran home. Their mum later told me she'd phoned the police, and all the kids disappeared into their homes, too scared to go knocking. When we got back up to our little cul de sac the police were there, running in and out of peoples gardens (Steve too!) trying to catch these hooligans. They caught the ring leader and confiscated a bag of fireworks from him. I don't know how much trouble he will get into. It was great to see the police doing something... it was like a raid! It's such a shame that these teenage kids are ruining the fun for the younger ones.

Anyway, I need to go and get Luke into a clean nappy and pjs without waking him up, Steve too perhaps!


nanny said...

Oh how I wish I was a child again lol

Dawniy said...

Hiya Hazel , love your pics , the lanterns and costumes are fantastic , we really like the monster :) what a lovely happy family you are :)
nice to read your blog !
dawniy x (witchy witchy's blog )

Hazel said...

Hi Dawniy, thanks for the comment. The link for your blog isn't working so I haven't been able to visit your blog to leave you a comment. If you pop back here let me know your blog address.

Jill and John said...

You certainly had a great time. The outfits and the lanterns were super. Jack and Thomas went trick and treating for the first time this year- they, like Luke, enjoy dressing up. However, we think that Luke has overtaken them with the number of costumes!!! Love Jill and John xxx

Lin said...

What a great evening. I love the tissue paper ghosts.

It good that the police finally managed to catch one of the firework hooligans. We have a major problem with fireworks here too, but they also throw eggs and flour at cars (whilst they are being driven along the road). Some kids are just too dense to see the danger in it all.

Maddi said...

Well I was quite looking forward to the little trick or treaters this year and bought loads of chocs and sweets (cos usually I forget, having no kids!) and did I buy enough? Well yes actually. Far too many, since I didn't even have 1 caller. So now I'm left with a huuuuuge bowl full of mini choc bars and packets of sweets which I will just have to eat of course. How annoying.....!

Sharon said...

You all looked fantastic! You ought to start your own little family theatre company; all that talent needs to be shared! You could do your belly dance, Hazel ;-)

Tammy said...

You guys did a great job! Wish we could have went trick or treating at your house, lol!

Hazel said...

Hi Lin, we have the same problem with throwing eggs, and waterbombs. These kids need something constructive to put their energy into.

Hazel said...

ROFL at Sharon. Hmm, you obviously haven't seen me belly dancing. NOt a pretty sight. LOL.