Thursday, October 05, 2006

A good game of scrabble

I forgot to put this photo onto my blog. A few weeks ago we had a good family game of scrabble, and we took some photos so that we could blog about it. I think the idea was that the kids would put the photos onto their blogs, but they forgot. I was just going through the photos when I found it. We had such a good memorable evening playing scrabble, having a laugh, spending quality (educational) time with the kids, that I wanted to put the photo on so that I can remember it in years to come. I was playing scrabble too, but obviously someone had to take the photo!


Jill and John said...

It looks like you had great fun. It was very appropriate that the last word in the corner was 'end'- you could not have planned that if you tried. Who won? Love Jill and John

steve said...

that was not the best game I ever had. Most times i get a nine letter word going over the triple.

Jude said...

i came 2nd! (i think!)
Sam won