Thursday, October 05, 2006

In the eyes of a two year old

Tomorrow it is your third birthday. You are sleeping now. Today you were so excited when me and Jude wrapped up your presents. You came upstairs into my room and felt them all, tried to guess what was in them. You really want some new cars, even though you have so many already. You do love cars. I think you are going to love your presents. The three years that you've been with us have flown past so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that you were born, after hours and hours of labour. You were so tiny, our tiniest baby, at 7lb 15oz. You were perfect in every way. Sam and Jude came to the hospital to see you, even though it was midnight by the time they got there. Jude did not want us to tell her whether you were a boy or a girl. She wanted to find out for herself when she got to the hospital. We all thought you were going to be a boy, and we were all right. We all fell in love with you immediately. Before you were even born we all chose a song to sing to you in the womb. Sam's song has remained your favourite song till this day.
I remember that you were a very content baby. At night we would lie you in your moses basket next to our bed, and you would stare around the room until we turned the lights out. Then you would just close your eyes and go to sleep, like an angel. Every night we would laugh at the way you did that.
In three years you have blossomed into a bright and bubbly little boy. Before you were born I thought that you were going to be the little rotter of the family, and you really are, but in a lovely way. You are confident and feisty, bossy and stubborn. You have the most beautiful little singing voice of any 2 year old. You are a huge presence in this home, and you are the most loved 3 year old little boy on the planet. I couldn't imagine life without your constant chatter, your questions and stories, and your singing. These past three years you have brought so much happiness to our lives, so many wonderful memories, so much to laugh about. You have touched each of our hearts and we will always love you.
I look forward to another year, watching you grow and blossom, sharing precious moments with you. May this next year have as many wonderful times as the past three years have. Enjoy your birthday my little Lukey, and have a wonderful day.

To remember the 2nd year of your life, here are some photos which you took yourself recently. You used Daddy's expensive digital camera and snapped images of things that are special to you. This is, I guess, how life looks to you at age 2.


Anonymous said...

Hazel you are right, he is a special little boy, but he has a special family so what more could you expect.
As a separate, you are a very talented lady with words, it was beautiful and and avenue you should explore.

Anonymous said...

That made me cry! I remember when you were born Hazel, you were a miracle because I was told it was unlikely I would ever have children. I prayed for a miracle and nine months later you were born. I said all the same things to you that you are saying to Luke and more. I even wrote a poem which I believe I gave you. I am so thankful for you. I don't want to ever forget what a miracle you are and the goodness of God.


daddy said...

luke is a real blessing and a wonderful little boy, we all love him so much.

Anonymous said...

You all have made me cry! What a beautiful family you have, and are so lucky to be a part of. That was a very beautiful thing to write Hazel, and I'm sure Luke will think so too one day.