Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Luke's 3rd birthday - Part 2

Luke had a fabulous birthday and is still on a high from it all. Birthdays, at that age, are just so exciting. I already wrote a post below about his birthday morning, and here is the follow up about his party. Family, and a few friends, started arriving from 4pm. Steve had made a table full of party food and treats for our guests (later we discovered a huge bag of treats that we'd forgotten to put out). Luke waited until everyone had arrived before opening his presents, and then he played with each one that he'd opened for a while. He did very well for presents! Here he is opening a big scooby-doo from our friends the Connollys (see Connolly Family Self Build blog in sidebar).

He was also given this large wooden garage from his Nanny, which is now in our garage. He likes to have it out there because he has lots of space to lie down on a rug and play with it, and a million cars. Auntie Hannah and Uncle David gave him some cars, one of which was a cool battery operated mini, which drives around on its own, opening its doors and hooting, and seems to know which way it is going! Auntie Jenny and her girls gave him a Halloween dressing up costume which included a spooky mask, a skeleton outfit, and skeleton gloves. He hasn't got up the courage to try this one on yet, but he will enjoy it for Halloween. Auntie Maddi and Tom brought him a huge airplane, with little people, luggage and loading cars. This was his favourite present and he hasn't stopped playing with it. Although the train set is still a big hit, even though it's moved upstairs into a large space on the landing. Grandad gave him a cool Peter Pan dressing up outfit, which a lot of the grown ups wished they were still small enough to wear. He has been having great fun with the hat, boots and sword that came with this. I have put all the costumes into a large duck bin for him to keep. He can dive in any time he feels like a change of character.

Luke had spent days choosing which cake he wanted me to make, from our kids cake book. He changed his mind every day, but found the whole concept of choosing and making a cake very exciting. However, on a shopping trip to Tesco with his Dad he succumbed to all the glorious birthday cakes on offer there, and came home with a Scooby Doo cake. Jude and I put 3 candles on it, but Luke decided he deserved the whole packet of candles, hence the 10 candles on a 3 year olds cake. He blew them all out in one go!

Thanks so much to everyone that sent or gave him presents, money and cards this year. He did have such a lovely day.


steve said...

i wish i wsas three again!!

Anonymous said...

I still cant get over what a nice birthday boy luke makes. Normally kids seem to become overwhelmed on their big day and end up miserable. They also seem to forget the pleasure of the presents after a while and just want to open the next one without really looking at what they got. Luke was just so good! I was amazed at how he sat and played with each toy after opening it and he was in such good form all day. When I put him in bed he looked exhausted but he said to me with his eyes already closed: ''thankyou for the birthday present''. What a lovely boy!
Aunty Han

Anonymous said...

How fun!! My son loves his cars too. I would love to send Luke something special from here, that you can't get there. Maybe a certain car or something? If you think of anything, please let me know.