Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sam wins a prize!

Just a quick blog to mention that Sam won a prize at school today. For English homework the children were asked to write a poem about a magic spell. Sam was very proud of his poem and read it out very dramatically. They didn't realise there would be a competition. But during English today they had a Halloween party and all the children read out their poems (once again Sam read his like a performer - no surprise there) and then the children had to vote for their favourite boys poem and their favourite girls. It was close between Sam and another boy but Sam managed to win in the votes and was presented with a spooky Halloween light up pen with bulgy squeezy eyes! Cool eh? You can read his poem on his blog by clicking here.


Jules said...

Wonderful, well done Sam!

Lin said...

Great poem Sam, very amusing (specially the lip gloss bit!).