Friday, October 06, 2006

Luke's 3rd birthday - so far

I'm taking a moment to load on the birthday photos from the day so far. Steve is downstairs preparing all the party food, something which he wanted to do. I've blown up some balloons and Luke keeps asking "when are all my friends coming?" I thought that was sweet, as it's basically family. I asked him "which friends are you expecting?" and he answered "Nanny, Jenny, Bevin, Jessie and Abi". It's cute that he calls his family 'friends.'

Today has been so exciting for him. This morning, would you believe we had to wake him up? It was 8am and Sam was getting ready for school so we had to waken him. I had expected him to be up at 6am, or even before. He came up to our bedroom and opened his presents on our big bed, before Sam went to school. The excitement in his face and body was lovely to watch. He couldn't contain himself and had to scream to just let the steam out!

Here are a few photos of his present opening session...

Granny Jill and Grandad John from England sent money for this present, which Luke chose in the shops last week. It is a big Thomas the Tank Engine train set.

We didn't realise that the trains and bus in this set can be played with manually, or with batteries. So Luke was chuffed to discover that they had on/off switches and will go around the track on their own too. He has played with this all day. It's a real hit. I can see that it will get many hours of use.

We bought him some dressing up outfits for his main birthday present. Anyone who reads this blog knows how much he loves dressing up, but he has never come across an actual costume before. He was a bit miffed when he opened them as he wasn't sure what they were. We got him a pirate, doctor, policeman and fireman outfits. We had such a laugh playing doctors already. Luke was the doctor, of course, and I was the patient. Then Jude played patient, then a host of teddy bears played patients. Then he put on his policeman outfit and arrested Daddy!

I have to go as it's time to get ready for our guests. But there will be more blogging later, no doubt.


Lin said...

Aw, he looks just too darned cute in that doctors outfit, bless him. :-)

Hope he had a great birthday.

Hazel said...

He does, doesn't he. He got another 2 outfits from his Aunty and his Grandad. One was a skeleton halloween outfit and the other was a peter pan dressing up set. He's going to love them when he tries them on.

Nanny said...

I love the 'tigger' jammies - I want a pair!!! Do they go up to size 16?

Tabi said...

You didnt tell me Luke was in a village people tribute band!!!
gorgeous though. Your kids are adorable!!

Hazel said...

ROFL at Tabi's comment!

Anonymous said...

Too Cute!! He is just adorable!! I hope he enjoyed having all his friends to his birthday. That is so funny.


Jill and John said...

We know that Sam likes acting and we are sure Luke will be going to drama classes as well. It looks like Luke had a great time with his toys and dressing up costumes. Love Grannie and Grandad xxxxx