Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday afternoon at Lurgan Park

This afternoon we decided to do something as a family. The weather was nice so we all took a drive to Lurgan Park. The kids love it there. The lake has plenty of ducks and swans to feed, the woodland walk is lovely, and the play park has great slides and swings.

We fed the ducks first, the spent half an hour in the park. Luke is used to going there on school days when the park is empty. He wasn't too pleased with the amount of children there today. So Sam and Jude stayed to play whilst Luke, Daddy and me went for a walk around the woods. We decided to do some squirrel spotting. Having read about Meeko in the Squirrel in Secrets of the Wood recently, I was the expert! Luke really enjoyed the peaceful walk with out his brother and sister. He had a leaf fight with Daddy, and then we looked for acorns to add to his nature table. We couldn't find any acorns at the first oak tree. Then we started to spot the grey squirrels. They weren't at all bothered by our presence. We watched for 20 minutes as this one particular squirrel went up and down the trees in search of acorns. He went right up into one tree and started throwing the acorns down at us! Luke thought this was great. He decided that the squirrel was throwing acorns for us because we'd been unable to find any ourselves.
Here are some photos...

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