Thursday, July 06, 2006

Winnie the Pooh

The weather is still hot and sunny at the moment. It's great. We are trying to make the most of it, but stuff still has to be done in the house. Yesterday I took the kids to the park to play but Sam and Jude said it was too hot after 30 minutes, although Luke would have stayed all day. The park was empty, which was suprising, everyone must have gone away to enjoy the weather elsewhere. Then we went shopping in Tescos and I spent another £130 on food. Food shopping is getting so expensive for us. I felt as if all I acheived in a whole day was shopping and putting food away, which annoyed me a bit. But I bought a cheap sprinkler head thing in Tesco for watering the vegetables with. It was only £3 and now I dont have to water them by hand so that will save me a few hours a week. Last night I went to bed and forgot about it, but Steve remembered and turned the tap off before all the lettuces drowned! Luke has some new nappies with Winnie the Pooh on them. When I first put one on him I sang the Winnie the Pooh song to him. He seemed really taken with it and made me sing it every time I changed his nappy. Then he started asking me to sing it at bedtime. I thought he was getting really into Winnie the Pooh. Then, last night, after I finished singing it to him, he burst into song himself "We need a poo-poo! We need a poo-poo!" Ha ha. I can see the connection with me singing it at nappy changing time. LOL. Once again I can't use the enter button to start a new paragraph on this blogger page. How annoying. So it looks as if I don't write in paragraphs. I wonder why it does that. Does anyone else using blogger ever get that problem? It doesn't happen every time.


Sharon said...

Oh that's so funny Hazel. Though, WtP is a bear with a very strange name!

Re. the Blogger thing, have you ever tried clicking on the 'edit HTML' tab when writing or editing your post? You could put your paragraph break in there and then click back to 'compose'.

This site is good for Blogger tips;

Alyx said...

I have to agree with Sharon about the paragraphs. Sometimes I get this HUGE space between paragraphs so for a while now I've just wrote it in the HTML.

My mother always used the word "pooky" for "bum". I used it too. Imagine how much the kids all laughed when we found out that Garfield the Cat's bear was named "Pooky". Hey, they're both bears; maybe they could be "butt-ies" *silly grin*