Thursday, July 27, 2006

High heel shoes, nighties and tyres...

Today Luke went to stay at his Nanny's house. He organised it with her all by himself. He told her that he wanted to go and visit on his own, meaning without Sam and Jude. He has never been away without them before. So last night I told him he would need to pack a bag. He wanted the little suitcase on wheels that Mum borrowed when she went to Tunisia. I told him what to pack pyjamas, clean clothes, toothbrush, nappies, etc. He wandered off with the suitcase and came back with a proud grin on his face 15 minutes later. "I packed my bag Mummy". He had packed a pair of pink high heel shoes and a pink and red scarf, both belonging to me, and a few toy cars and some dummies! So I packed his essentials and left his own packing in the suitcase too, as he was so proud of it. I daren't sneak the shoes out in case he was devastated at Nanny's when he wants to wear them.

This morning I discovered that the little man thought he had to walk to Nanny's house (16 miles) because he was "going on his own". Awww, bless him. So I explained what was happening and he was happy enough. I dropped the older two off to summer scheme and then we headed off to Nannys, complete with a car boot full of toys and essentials (mostly things he wanted to play with Nanny). Of course, he packed his Little Shop Of Horrors DVD to watch with Nanny. We stopped briefly at Corbet Lough to get Lukes sunglasses out of the boot. But while we were there we saw a Mummy and Daddy swan with six baby cygnets in tow. They were so cute so we stopped to watch them. Once at Nannys Luke couldn't wait for me to leave, and desperately wanted to watch the film with Nanny. She will be dropping him back home in the morning but I won't be here as me and Sam are doing another 14 hour shift at the book fair.

After dropping Luke off I was free! No kids for a few hours! (That's VERY rare). I was only 10 minutes drive from the book fair so I phoned Steve and asked him to take me out to lunch. He was able to do this as he had another guy working in the fair with him. Steve noticed that one of the tyres on the car seemed bald. We had lunch in Mauds restaurant, by the sea, with the view of the awesome Mourne Mountains. After lunch we went to find a tyre centre. We actually had 3 bald tyres (that's why I felt the car was out of control!?) and it cost us a mere £120 to replace them! There was also a £5 charge for recycling the 3 old tyres which had been removed. Steve didn't want to pay the fiver so the guys loaded the tyres into my boot. Apparently I'm going to make a feature out of them in the garden!?!?!?!

By the time I got home it was time to pick the kids up from summer scheme. Once home it was so humid that I changed into a nightdress! I lay in the hammock in the garden in my night dress. Although the house was possibly the messiest it had ever been, I decided to relax. Without Luke around it would only take me 1/4 of the time to get things done. Now why is it that when Im nicely dressed, and the house is tidy, that no one comes to visit? But when the house looks like a bombs hit it and Im in my pjs at 4pm the neighbours decide to pop round for a chat? I was too mortified to invite the new neighbour into the house (she's been one time before whilst I was decorating and the place was a tip then too) so I stood on the doorstep in my little pink nightie chatting for 40 minutes. I am sure the entire neighbourhood thought 'what a slob getting out of bed at this time of day'. Ah well, I don't really care. It's murphys law.


Linda said...

Great packing by the little one!

We saw swans today as well, no cygnets though. The swans are black so maybe that makes up for the lack of young, lol! (pics on blog if you want to see).

BTW, I tried the corner banner and it wouldn't work so eventually after about half an hour of rewriting files I gave up, but thanks anyway. :-)

Anna said...

How cute, Luke packinf all by himself. I bet Nanny and he have tons of fun!

Tammy said...

You are so funny Hazel! And your kids are the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hazel,

I love reading your blog! It´s so funny! Maybe you should try writing a book!!!

Keep on writing, I´ll check your blog every day!

Greetz, Esther

Maggie Ann said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog! It is so homey..and I'm glad you are a Christian...we are saved also..what a joy! I also enjoyed your pictures...its such a treat to come visiting and get to 'see' into your lives for a bit. Blessings to you!


hi,your son packing for himself reminded me of my 2yr old.a few weeks ago my oldest son went on a camping trip with his grandad and my 2 yr old decided to pack to go with was so funny he found a carrierbag and packed a ball,teddy,book and a car.he forgot his clothes and nappys would be useful.they can be so cute at times.