Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chocolate Heaven!

Its the 12th July today and whilst everyone else if off watching the parades we have spent the day at home. The weather is still rainy and miserable and the kids are annoyed that they can't enjoy the new trampoline. So this afternoon we had some fun with all the strawberries and raspberries that we picked yesterday. The plan was to have a chocolate fondue tonight but we didn't have enough chocolate for every one to be their usual piggy selves. So to liven up the afternoon a tad we melted the chocolate that we had, and dipped some strawberries and raspberries in them. Now they are hardening in the fridge. The kids are going to make a nice chocolate box for them and we will suprise Daddy with them when he comes home. I think as much chocolate was consumed during the session as made it onto the fruits. Luke just eat as much as he could. Sam, delightfully painted his nails with chocolate nail polish and waited for them to solidify so that he could eat them. (Such a pleasant child!) All 3 kids will be having baths this evening, that's for sure!

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Alyx said...

hee hee! Your daughter looks like she's high on a chocolate cloud. Everyone looks edible. Looks like fun all around.