Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fruit Galore!

What a fun day we had today! It managed not to rain all morning, thank goodness, as we went fruit picking, with our friends. We came home with enough strawberries, raspberries and black currants to feed an army. Jude wasn't with us as she was sleeping over at a friends house. But Sam and Luke enjoyed themselves, as did Carolines boys. Luke did a great job of picking strawberries and didn't even eat them. Sam collected a whole punnet of strawberries (there was over £8 worth when I went to pay for them!) Sam and I picked raspberries while Luke happily eat about a kilo of them. He just picked them off the bush and popped them straight into his mouth. At least he got some fruit into his diet today. We came away with 2 punnets of strawberries, 2 punnets of raspberries and 2 small punnets of blackberries. Totally about £14 worth of fruit. Tonight we might have chocolate fondu with some of it. Yummy yummy. We actually bumped into Sheelagh (home ed too) and her kids who were starting to pick just as we were leaving.

Here is little Lukey picking yummy strawberries and getting "red hands Mummy".

Luke helping himself to raspberries. That's what they're there for right?

Caroline and Luke picking raspberries.

Here is Luke amoungst the blackcurrant bushes, examining exactly what is contained inside a blackcurrant.

Sam and Luke sorting out the fruits into a huge tray which Sam found. We had so much fruit we couldn't carry it by hand!

The boys and Caroline pretending to pick raspberries for the purposes of a photo.

The boys all went to the little park at the farm after our picking. Luke was delighted to find this little red car to play on.

The big lads had just as much fun at the park as Luke. Then we headed off to Sainsburys for chips and a cuppa before coming home.

I just had to add this picture of Steve and Diamond. Would you believe that Steve doesn't like dogs and would never let one on his bed? This is how I found the two of them, locked in each others arms, yesterday evening, snoozing like a pair of little babies. Ahhh.


steve said...

mmmmmmmm yummmmmy cant wait to get home tonight to all that fruit. i love having a dog for a few days, you dont get fed up with them in that time and you dont mind when they poo in the garden as you only have to clean it up for a week. Y she is a really nice dog!!


Maddi said...

I love reading your blogs and seeing pics of the kids! I bet your fresh strawberries are nicer than the tesco ones in my firdge which i might have with a fondoooooooooo tonight! Yummy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hazel....
What a coincidence meeting you there eh? I haven't been for two years!!! We picked £11 worth of raspberries which was about as much as I could manage with a baby on my back. J and H had a ball though! I hope you enjoyed your fondue and that your tummies don't all ache for too long!!!
Great pics by the way... make the farm look all spacious and sunny!

Alyx said...

It must be strawberry days! We just got some yesterday. We have raspberry and red currant bushes in our yard, but they're not ready yet. I hear it's a "blueberry year" too. YUM.

Davy said...

Love can be seen all over the world
In a Book on TV or a Blog
But no greater love hath a man got to give
Than the love of young Steve for his dog.

PS I know it isn't Steve's dog but the line 'someone else's dog' wouldn't fit. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

One of my earliest and bestes memories is going strawberry picking with mum when i was two. I wasnt as disciplined as Luke though because i think i just placed myself in a bush and munched on strawberries for the duration.