Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Phew! Life has been so hectic since I last posted (although I always seem to write that!) Today has been a nightmare so far. Our new Dell computer arrived yesterday, a week earlier than expected. Our new office (Luke’s old bedroom) was still decorated Harry Potter style from the previous owners. We decided to give it a lick of paint before setting up the computer. The fact is, that if we didn’t do it before setting up the computer, then it would never get done. But as the pc arrived early, so last night Steve and my sister Jenny, who happened to be here and seems to love painting, nipped upstairs and painted the room very pale blue, whilst I made the dinner. They painted it in record time. So this morning I started to unpack the new pc and to put it all together. Easy peasy, hey presto, one new computer. It looks fab. But, we are one of the millions of crazy people who use Aol. So of course, connecting to the internet has not been as easy. After 4 high tech calls, with various people sporting strong Indian accents we managed to work out that we need to download a driver for the aol modem. But we can’t download it from this pc as it can’t get onto the internet. So as I type, Steve is busy downloading the driver in the shop and putting it onto disc for me. If that works, I might be back online some time in this decade.
So, what’s been happening since my last post? Lots and lots. On Friday we took a trip to another home educating families home. Their 5 kids and my 3 spent the day playing outside mostly. The Mum very kindly spent a good 2 hours helping Sam with his maths work and generally working out how he was getting on in maths. Of course, Sam was delighted at that! LOL. But it was very kind of her and I felt a lot happier because everything she said, was what I had been thinking. So I felt that I wasn’t completely out of touch with him.
I spent all day Saturday in the garden, weeding, watering, tying up climbing plants which I hadn’t realised were climbers at the time of planting. I really enjoyed myself. The kids seem so much more content when I’m outside. Luke doesn’t constantly seek my attention the way he does indoors. He is happy to sit and help me in the garden, or to play outside knowing that I am nearby. He is happiest outdoors. I was sitting out in the garden amongst my onions, thinking that this gardening project has been one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. I find the whole gardening part of it very relaxing and refreshing, and eating the food which we grow is so satisfying. We have eaten fresh salad from the garden with every meal since I last posted. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat those almost mouldy pre-packaged scraps of lettuce ever again!
Of course, Steve and Sam spent all evening crying over England’s defeat, and departure from the world cup. They lost to Portugal in a penalty shoot out. What a horrible way to go. But when the boys felt bad watching the poor England team crying their eyes out on the pitch, I kindly and gently reminded them that those poor men would be flying home to their mansion houses, with indoor pools, Ferrari’s, glamorous model wives, cleaners, maids, nannies and chauffeurs, and that really we shouldn’t feel too sorry for them. LOL. That didn’t go down to well, needless to say.
On Saturday evening I went out for dinner with Jenny, whilst John and the kids played on our new trampoline. We went to the new restaurant in the town. The food there is lovely. For starters I had mussels, whilst Jenny had duck in plum sauce. Then for the main course Jenny had some sort of pork thing and I had steak and chips. Yum yum. It was nice to sit and natter over coffee, and to enjoy the food without constant nagging to the children … “don’t spit your food at that table”, “please stop burping your ABC’s”, that sort of thing. John and the girls seemed to have a nice time out in the garden. When we came home at 11.30, all 5 kids (not Luke - he was asleep) were out screaming on the trampoline! The neighbours must have loved us that night. We brought them in at midnight.
John stayed over on Saturday. The house was full again on Sunday as we had our fellowship meeting here, but we were joined by some of the Dublin fellowship as well, in the form of Rachael and Anthony (and John of course). I half heartedly offered to play the flute during the meeting, thinking that it wouldn’t really be possible because I didn’t know where it was, but Steve leapt up and found it for me, so I was roped into playing it. It must be 2 years since I last played it, but I hadn’t forgotten anything, thank goodness.
After the meeting we all went out to the garden and had a dinner of salad, French sticks etc. Margaret brought two huge home made lemon marange pies with her, and some home made elderflower cordial. We had the biggest laugh when myself, Steve, Sam, Jude, Rachael and Anthony decided to give trampolining a go! It was hilarious. I’ve never laughed so much in my life, and the exercise was brutal! We took in in turns to sit in the middle whilst everyone jumped around us, and the person in the middle would bounce higher and higher. The screams from Rachael throughout the whole exercise were hilarious! And she jumped like a frog! We took it in turns to freestyle jump across the middle which was funny. At one point we took the camcorder on the trampoline while we were jumping. If I can ever work out how to get a video onto this blog I’ll put it on - but never fear, we took plenty of photos, which I’ll add as soon as I get all the relevant software onto this new pc. I’m sure the neighbours didn’t know what was going on, with all the adult screams and laughter coming from out back garden.
So that was Sunday. Monday was just as busy. I spent the morning tidying the mess from the day before. The dishwasher did 3 loads. But in the afternoon I took the kids to the cinema, along with Mum, Hannah, Jenny and her three girls, to see ‘Over The Hedge’. Instead of buying expensive cinema treats I went to the supermarket and bought some popcorn, coke and sweets for the kids. The film was good, although not as good as Shrek (both by Dreamworks). Luke got a bid fed up during the last 20 minutes of the film but the older kids enjoyed it. Everyone came back to our house and I fed them with salad from the garden and lasagne for the adults, fish fingers for the kids. Then, as I said before, Jenny and Steve decorated the office, whilst Mum, Hannah and myself talked about Hannah and David’s upcoming wedding. One of Jenny’s girls stayed over night, after a great display of pleading from Jude and B. They made both us Mums cards begging to have a sleepover!
So, now I must go and tidy the entire house, even though the sun is shining, because if I don’t we will soon be appearing on that TV show about Britain’s grimiest homes. I started writing a letter to E, my death row pen pal last week and I haven’t finished it yet, so I must also do that today. He has written about four letters since I last wrote, and in his last one he sent me a little gold angel. For my birthday in December, he sent me his gold cross necklace which he has had since he was very young. I was thinking this week about how every one knows I write to him but no one ever mentions it. Only one of my friends asks how its going with him. People seem to avoid the topic whenever possible, unless I bring it up. It’s obviously a very controversial thing to do and people would rather avoid it that say that they wouldn’t do it. I find it strange that I have an interest which no one wants to mention. Maybe I’m a complete freak after all!
Well, if Steve manages to download the broadband driver (he had an hour left last time I spoke to him) I will be able to post this sometime later today! Until then, I’ll save it on my new, fresh beautiful, brand new smelling computer. Remember, photos to follow!


Marian said...

Great blog - just a note on you writing to E - I think its lovely you do that - perhaps people don't mention it because there is so much else going on in your life? You have a busy life x

Alyx said...

Wow, you have a lovely AND hectic life. I'm sorry to hear about the AOL problems; I have a mate in England that is pretty well done with it.

My kids would fight over that Harry Potter room ((LoL))

It's great that Sam got help with his maths; it must have taken a great weight off both your minds. :-)

My kids like it better when I'm working in the garden too. They love being a part of it; I have them pretty much convinced to make a tipi and move into a forest somewhere, but we know that Hub will never go for it!

Ditto on the comment of the football players. Pooooor (rich) babies...

I think it's great that you're writing to E. It a very kind and big hearted thing to do.