Saturday, July 22, 2006

Book Fair

I worked at the book fair in Newcastle today (bumped into Sheelagh again at that!) It's running for 10 days. My Dad popped in for a few hours while I was there and we had a good chat. I haven't seen him for ages and we had a lot to talk about. It made the time fly too. The first half of the day was pretty quiet so I wrote 2 letters and read a magazine (yes, I read a magazine whilst surrounded by boxes of books!) I didn't actually get a chance to look through the books myself to see if there was anything to take home for the kids study room. Maybe next time. You meet all sorts of people working at these places. I'll be doing another few days there over the next week.

On the way home I popped in to see Mum with a CD that she wanted. We had a chat and then I made my way home.

Yesterday Sam and Jude worked at the fair. It was a great educational day for them - like work experience. They helped all day long, taking money, giving change, dealing with customers, all with Steve watching over them. They really enjoyed it and are all set to come and do a day with me each. I picked them up from the fair at 6 because they were too tired to stay till 10. Then we went for something to eat with my sister Hannah (photos to follow). We went to Zebedees in Castlewellan and had fish and chips. Sam asked us all to share embarassing stories. We were all in fits of laughter telling these tales to each other. Why do I have so many embarassing stories? Why do these things always happen to me???

I'm sure I've got much more to say in this post but it's 11.30pm and my brain is no longer functioning. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

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