Monday, July 24, 2006

Book Fair Photos

I've just uploaded some photos which were taken at Steves CD/ book / Video fair last Friday. That was the day Sam and Jude worked at it with their Dad.

Here is Jude tidying some of the CD albums that were on sale.

And this is Sam working at the till. You can see the last of our huge stock of 'Bear in the Big Blue House' DVD and toy sets, which are being sold for an amazing £2 each! We had hundreds of them and every fair they go down in price just to get rid of them.

Jude took this photo of us at Zebedees Cafe in Castlewellan. Aunty Hannah was with us.

Jude, Hannah and Sam enjoying their food in the cafe.

You can tell from Lukes face how excited he was to be eating in a cafe, hours past his bedtime!

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