Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mammoth Tomato Plants

I'm just taking a break from the gardening, having a nice cup of tea and a caramel slice. I've decided we really should have moved to the country side! When we were moving house almost 2 years ago we stayed in the town centre for two reasons. 1 - we wanted to be within walking distance of the kids school. 2 - we wanted to be within walking distance of Steves shop. But after moving we took the kids out of school and started educating them at home, and Steve only has 1 year left on his shop lease anyway. But its almost impossible to buy houses in the country now, unless you are very rich. It would be lovely for the kids to grow up in the wild! To be able to grow more veggies and keep some animals. I do miss my hens. I wonder how they are?

So I've spent all day so far in the garden, apart from a 1 hours tidy and hoover this morning. Luke was up at 6.30 after his early night so we were all up bright and early. I've weeded most of the bits around the veggie beds so that I can put the gravel down, but I need to go back to B&Q tomorrow and buy another 10 bags of gravel. I'm currently in the middle of tieing back all our tomato plants, which have grown absolutely mammoth! I broke a long branch containing loads of mini tomatoes. I was annoyed with myself after taking so long to grow them. These things happen.

At 5.30 a lady that I 'met' on the freecycle website is coming round to pick up some chairs that we have in the garage. She is swapping them for 2 mini green houses. How cool is that? Its great to find a website like that.

Well thats enough of a rest I think. Back to it with the gardening. I really must do some ironing as none of us have anything left to wear. It seems immoral to be ironing when the weather is so nice though.


Tammy said...

I love reading about your life Hazel!! It is so much like what I want for my family as well.

I belong to the freecycle group here, and it's great! I have gotten and given away many things.

Hazel said...

Aww thanks Tammy. Its really nice of you to say so. I'm sure once you get your new house sorted out you can concentrate a lot more on these sort of things. I believe life is what we make of it. We can create special moments and fun memories for our kids every day no matter what our circumstances. With a bit of motherly love and family unity.

Kolfinna said...

hummm...freecycle....I moderate the local group and belong to another localish one and I can NEVER get anyone to take my offers, or I get an offer and noone shows up to pick it up. I hardly ever get any offers on wants either. It's really discouraging.

Lucy said...

Freecycle is a great place. First time I've seen your blog - love the 'because they're worth it' tab in the corner!