Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's 9pm and Luke is busy playing in the kitchen with a toy buggy. He's filling it with plastic cups and plates. Usually he is in bed by now, but this afternoon he took himself off to bed and slept for 2 hours! This must be one of the perks of having his room downstairs where he can go to it at any time. But on the down side, he doesn't look very tired now. Steve, Sam and Jude have all gone to Belfast in a big white van. Steve hired it today to bring home books for his Newcastle book fair. He had to take Luke for a little drive in it this afternoon. He just gets so excited when Daddy brings home a van to play in. He spent all day talking about it. So Steve and the kids all left at 5 and then I spend an hour of quality time with Luke. We read stories, had tickles and cuddles. Upstairs we have a little 'perfect man' keyring that I bought Steve for a joke in Tescos last year. When you press the mans tummy he comes out with great perfect husband quotes like "I don't mind which channel we watch, you take the remote tonight dear", and "oh cant your mother-in-law stay for another week?" Luke was playing with it this morning and he has spent all day saying "Lets just cuddle tonight darling" !!!

Today we got the phone bill for our two mobile phones. I think we might have to get rid of them! The bill was close to £100. It seems such a waste of money. It was allitemizedd and most of the calls were made by me, even though Steve is running a business from his. It's strange, because I always think I never phone anyone. There were a few real long calls this month on it which came to about £20 ! No more nattering for me anymore.

It looks like summer is over already! I shouldn't complain since some years we don't have a summer at all. It is such a shame, but it hasn't stopped raining all week, and I even had to put the heating on twice today (not good - as we have no oil left). Its only one week till Sam's birthday so we can't buy more oil or the poor child will get no presents. He is still hankering after a trampoline.

Well, Im going to get this little man to bed and then I have the rest of the evening to myself. I spent hours today marking maths work and am finally up to date with it. I'm convinced our Sam and Jude are really Bart and Lisa. Marking Judes work was a delight. Tick, tick, tick. Ive got a double bill of Desperate Housewives to look forward to this evening. The last in the series. I have to go as I am now pretending to be the checkout lady at Tesco's whilst Luke passes his groceries across the keyboard. (It seems the buggy was actually a trolley!)

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